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  • Famous Spa Resorts in Europe

    Ever thought about combining wellness travel with sightseeing? Well, if you come to think of it, this is the idea that influenced most luxury hotels’ decision to open a spa center. But most people tend to forget that wellness traveling started thousands of years ago, when the Greeks and then the Romans constructed the first public baths. This is why only in Europe you can find some of this old school spa resorts, where natural resources, modern techniques and luxurious palaces create that unique, retro atmosphere, that seems to project you into a different era.

    Fonteverde, Italy

    As Romans were the first to make use of the thermal waters at a large scale, and began building public baths all over the Empire, let’s give their followers the lion’s share and start by presenting this elegant resort from Tuscany. Established in the Middle Ages by the famous and powerful Medici family, Fonteverde is widely known for its aroma therapies and it use of volcanic mud and essential oils. Together with Tuscany’s idyllic landscapes and simple, delicious dishes, Fonteverde Natural Spa Experience will offer you a full body and mind treatment.

    Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

    Karlovy Vary’s thermal springs and beautiful location have turned this coquette town into one of the best known spas in Europe. Luxurious villas and fancy boutiques give Karlovy Vary a refined look – no wonder it hosts one of the oldest film festivals in central Europe, the Karolvy Vary International Film Festival. If you happen to be here in summer, don’t forget to take a ride with the funicular: the watch tower on top will enchant you with a splendid panorama of the whole valley.

    Bath, United Kingdom

    Once the summer residence of the English aristocracy, Bath represents, by any standards, a royal treat. Let yourself pampered by the rejuvenating powers of thermal waters while admiring true masterpieces of Georgian architecture. After all, Bath wasn’t designated as the “the premier resort of frivolity and fashion” in vain…

    Baden-Baden, Germany

    Speaking of royalty, the German resort of Baden Baden is definitely worth of all the praises it has received so war, coming from all the kings, artists and citizens of the world that had come here looking for refinement and relaxation. Baden Baden has managed to preserve much of that vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural life that once made it ‘Europe’s Summer Capital’. Here you will find two fully equipped spas, together with an impressive opera hall, lush public gardens and dozens of classy restaurants and stores.

    Aquacity Poprad, Slovakia

    Judging after its logo – “affordable green luxury”- and the sustainable living it promotes, no wonder Poprad has become Slovakia’s most famous spa. Set against the picturesque Tatra Mountains, Aquacity represent an ideal destination for both wellness and entertaining purposes. And to make things even better, right outside Poprad you can find the historic town of Spisska Sobota, whose remarkable architecture makes it a favorite destination among Slovakian towns.

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