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  • Discover Pittsburgh’s Great Outdoors

    Pittsburgh Skyline

    Pittsburgh Skyline

    A bird eye’s view over Pittsburgh downtown area might lead you to the conclusion that Pittsburgh is the typical, contemporary city, stuffed by glass & metal skyscrapers, factories and noisy roads.

    Well, they might be right up to the point where Pittsburgh had been, only several decades ago, one of the most industrialized and polluted cities in the nation – it was even nicknamed: “hell with a lid off”.

    But for Pittsburgh, those times of amazing growth and joyful disregard towards the environmental issues are long gone. Pittsburgh’s magnificent location at the confluence of Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s woody hills, make it an ideal location for outdoor lovers.

    Starting with some unique cultural attractions as the Andy Warhol Museum, to the majestic sight of Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh will resonate with almost every category of tourist. You’ll find most of Pittsburgh’s attractions presented in this comprehensive Pittsburgh Travel Guide.

    But if you are willing to explore the green part of Pittsburgh and find out yourself why the city was selected on National Geographic’s best outdoor urban adventure shortlist, here are some simple steps to start with:

    Climb the streets

    Quite literally! Not many people know, but some of Pittsburgh’s streets are even more spectacularly abrupt than those in San Francisco – going up these steep streets, you’ll discover some pretty neat panoramas.

    What’s really fascinating about this category of streets is that many of them consist entirely of steps, giving you the unique opportunity to mix sightseeing with working out. Among these, Canton Avenue is considered to the steepest, with an approximate inclination of 37%.

    Ride your bike

    The easiest way to get familiar with Pittsburgh’s beautiful outdoors is to take your bike across the 37 mile Pittsburgh Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

    The inclination of the streets can make the city look a little impractical for bikers, but you’ll be able to use your energy along the scenic Great Allegheny Passage that goes along Potomac River.

    Attend an open air event

    If sports are now quite your strong point, you can still enjoy some fresh air thanks to the numerous open-air events that take place in Pittsburgh throughout the year.

    The whole city lits up while an amazing show of lasers and projections gives Pittsburgh a new face every year during the Festival of Lights.  The Cinema in the Park Series, initiated some years ago, represents a popular choice for anyone who wants to watch a free movie and enjoy the pleasant coolness of a summer night.

    Explore the countryside

    Another famous Pennsylvanian trail, known as the Baker Trail, will take you through the state’s shady forests and picturesque countryside. Exploring Pennsylvania’s countryside will also take you into an interesting journey through the state’s history and culture.

    Also, don’t miss the opportunity to attend some local fair and taste some of the delicious dishes that make the specific of the Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. So keep an open mind for all the possibilities in which you can enjoy this splendid American city and don’t hesitate to improvise – this is how the best things are born!

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