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    For many travelers, Ukraine is like a blank spot on the map, remembered for past disasters or political unrest. But for those who have visited it, Ukraine is a treasure trove of mystery, adventure, and most of all, culture.

    As a former Russian country, Ukraine has a fair number of cities brimming with chunky Soviet architecture, grandiose monuments, and gloomy grey forests of apartment blocks.

    But Ukraine also has incredible scenery that remained out of the grasp of mainstream tourism, with few facilities and hard to find – that is, Ukraine has the perfect setting for an adventure. With the country’s dramatic landscapes and many natural wonders, adventure travel in Ukraine is some of the best you could find anywhere.


    photo by thisisbossi on Flickr

    Ukraine is home to the Carpathian Mountains, a majestic range that curls over much of Eastern Europe, and which is so diverse and rich in plant and wildlife that Ukrainians have taken to calling it the green pearl of their country.

    The tall cliffs, virgin forests and green meadows used for grazing by local villagers areĀ  indescribably picturesque, and they are also pretty much a black hole. There are precious few marked hiking trails or facilities except very close to resorts, so if you trust your survival skills, hiking in Ukraine is a wonderful and exciting adventure.


    Cycling is quite popular among domestic tourists, and it offers endless opportunities to get to know not only some of the most interesting natural sights in Ukraine, but also its countless small villages and small towns. It’s not all fun and games on paved roads in Ukraine – some tiny villages are so remote that they are connected through rugged dirt roads. Mountain biking is one of the activities that seems to have been invented for the breathtaking wild beauty of Ukraine.

    Rock climbing

    photo by thisisbossi on Flickr

    In summer, beautiful Crimea becomes a rock climber’s paradise. There are eleven official climbing sites in Crimea, with grades ranging from 4 to 9a.

    Since Crimea is one of the most touristy parts of Ukraine, finding a hotel in the Great Yalta region is a piece of cake, and you get the chance to tackle as many climbing routes as you can. Some of the most popular climbing sites are Nikita, Krasnokamenka, Koshka, and Krylo Lebedya.

    Rafting and canoeing

    The fast mountain rapids and rivers of Ukraine have made it a very attractive destination for adventurers who want to see some truly wild scenery and brave some of the most dangerous waters in Eastern Europe. Stryj River, Tisa, Prut, Cheremosh and Smotrych have amazing scenery and fast rapids.


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    Poltava apartments wrote on March 17, 2012:

    Hi, my name is Alex and I am from Poltava, Ukraine. I read your post, this was interesting to read. You know, Ukrainians should be reminded of how beautiful their country is. Too many people are not happy because of the political and economical situation we have here, so we need some positiveness, you know :-) Thank you.

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