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  • 5 mountains for beginner climbers

    Hiking is a serious matter, and even if you are not attempting to brave the heights of Everest or K2, beginners should always be extra careful. Climbing a mountain will always have a certain level of difficulty, even if you are an experienced climber already.

    So where should you start as a beginner mountain climber? The mountains on the following list are not as menacing as they look, but they are challenging enough to make the experience worthwhile. Here are the top 5 mountains for beginner climbers.

    Mount Elbrus, Russia

    Mount Elbrus is the tallest mountain in Europe, rising at 5642m, and the twin peaks look especially intimidating since they are 1000 m taller than any other surrounding peak. While the height of the mountain might scare away some potential climbers, the hike is surprisingly smooth and easy. You can take the charlift up to 3800 m and start climbing from that point on, and it takes about 8 hours to reach the summit.

    Jebel Toubkal, Morocco

    Jebel Toubkal might be Morocco’s tallent mountain (4160 meters), but despite its impressing height, it is surprisingly easy to climb even for inexperienced hikers. The trail begins at the village of Imlil, and it takes a 4 hour walk to reach Toukbal Refuge, at 3200 meters. In about a day, you can reach the top and be back at the village, but it takes a bit of time to find your footing on the treacherous scree slopes, so proceed carefully.

    Mount Bromo, Indonesia

    The huge Tengger crater in Indonesia is a sight like no other, and the menacing peaks don’t look very friendly. Mount Bromo is not the highest peak of the massif (it has only 2329 meters), but it is the most well known, and easiest to climb.

    The mountain sits in the middle of the Sand Sea, and vast deserted plain, and from there you can reach the top in about an hour. The best time to reach the summit is at sunrise, and the views that will greet you are worth waking up early in the morning.

    Mount Olympus, Greece

    You probably won’t be meeting any Greek gods at the top of Mount Olympus, nor any worshipers, but you will definitely cross paths with other fellow climbers who head to Mytikas peak (2918m), the highest peak in Greece. rom the small village of Litohoro is take over 2 hours to reach the first refuge, and about three more hours to reach the top. The trail is not difficult, although the last mile is a bit rockier and steeper than the rest of the way.

    Ben Nevis, Scotland

    The United Kingdom can’t boast of any really high mountains, but Ben Nevis, the highest top in the UK (1344 m) is very popular with climbers, even the more experienced ones. You can take the easy way up the Mountain Track, but if you want a more challenging track, you should climb on the trail that crosses the satellite peak of Carn Mór Dearg, which takes you though an exciting rock ridge between two summits.

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    chuck TgAvatar
    chuck wrote on January 10, 2011:

    The Grossglockner in Austria is also one of the easier ones.

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