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  • 3 star Flemings Hotel in Zurich for $163

    3 star Flemings Hotel in Zurich

    3 star Flemings Hotel in Zurich

    If you are one of those who like Switzerland, you could be interested in the hotel deal that we found for your last minute Zurich vacation. Don’t hesitate; book a room at the 3 star Flemings Hotel in Zurich for $163 between March 21-24 and save money! The price is per night per room for two people.

  • Switzerland – beautiful places and friendly people

    Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva ©vasile23/Flickr

    We have heard a lot of the punctuality of Swiss watches, we have also heard a lot about the chocolate, the banks, the mountains, the mixed culture, it is all Switzerland.

    The capital is Bern, but the largest city Zurich – both permanent guests on all ‘World’s most livable cities’ lists. But they are not the only places that should be checked out, the whole country is much like a little jewelry box full of gems everywhere you turn.

    The beauty of Switzerland is legendary, both the mountain landscapes and the cities, it is really magical, very clean and people – though a bit reserved – are really nice and polite. And if we are talking about beautiful places and friendly people in Switzerland, check out the below video that demonstrates that even the most harsh-looking fishermen can be very devoted when it comes to hospitality…

  • The largest and most interesting libraries in the world

    Zurich University Library, photo by tomatoos on Flickr

    Bookworm travelers rarely leave on a trip without bringing either a few beloved paperbacks with them, or, more recently, an e-reader full of interesting new books. But there are other ways as well for a literature geek to indulge in their passion for the written word while they are traveling.

    How about visiting a few libraries? You might not have time to stay long enough to read something, but some of the largest and most interesting libraries in the world are true works of art.

  • A quick guide to Zurich’s old town

    Zurich might be the largest city in Switzerland, and one of the best known too, but nobody can claim that it’s the most touristy Swiss city in existence. When thinking of Zurich, stock exchange and finance come to mind, rather than tourism and holidays, which is why some people who visit Switzerland tend to overlook it. But there is more to Zurich than boring economics, and lately it has become one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in Europe.

    Nestled in the Alps, surrounded by a breath-taking scenery and full of cultural and historical attractions, Zurich is one of the cities that everyone should consider visiting when in Switzerland. And to give you a taste of what you can find there, here’s a short guide to Zurich’s fabulous old town.

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