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  • Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines



    Despite being the second largest archipelago in the world, and being home to more than seven thousand island, the Philippines remains one of the least explored tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. But even if many travelers ignore the Philippines in favor of more popular destinations, these islands are a paradise for backpackers and adventurers who are itching to find the last untouched corners of the continent.

    Palawan is the largest island province in the Philippines, and it is said to the country’s last pristine paradise, where nature is found in its purest form, and where dramatic landscapes are more common than pebbles. Fly to the Philippines to get to  Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines, where adventure and the beauty of nature awaits you.

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  • Summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations

    Kathmandu, Nepal, photo by lavenderstreak on FlickrSummer is the best time for a holiday in many parts of the world, but it can also be a peak season when prices can be really high. There’s a lazy,laid back atmosphere floating around in summer that makes you want to take off to some remote part of the world and forget about work or school for a while. And while summer holidays have always been popular, a rising trend among vacationers is to go on volunteering holidays.

    People volunteer for a variety of reasons, some because they genuinely want to help, and others as a way of expanding their horizons and traveling far away on a tight budget. Whatever your motivations, here are some ideas for your summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations where you can share your skills, do some good and meet fellow travelers and locals.

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  • The natural wonders of Turkey

    Pamukkale, photo by Esther Lee on Flickr

    Turkey has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations in the past few decades, and whenever anyone talks about the appeals of Turkey there will be mentions of bazaars, hookah bars, kebabs and a wealth of historical and archaeological sites.

    But as interesting as Turkish culture is, the natural beauty of the country also plays a part in attracting tourists. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by sea and one side by mountains, so it is graced with a nice climate and some interesting quirks of nature. While exploring Turkish culture and its delights, take some time to check out some of the natural wonders of Turkey as well.

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  • The stunning nature reserves of Suriname

    photo by borderlys on Flickr

    South Africa has such amazingly well known tourist attractions, and natural wonders that the whole world has heard about, and yet there’s always some spot to be found on the map where few tourist tread.

    Suriname is located in one such forgotten corner of the continent, sandwiched between Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana. Suriname calls itself the beating heart of the Amazon, and this is no mere overstatement. The country can best be described as a lush and green patch of forests crisscrossed by rivers, hiding an extraordinary cultural diversity.

    Suriname’s people is a mix and match of people descended from British and Dutch colonists, African slaves, Indian and Indonesian indentured workers and indigenous people, and while the cultural makeup has changed over the centuries, one thing stayed the same: the country’s natural beauty. Here is a short guide to the stunning nature reserves of Suriname.

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  • The best wildlife watching destinations in the world

    Komodo Dragon, photo by Adhi Rachdian

    Nothing compares to the feeling you get when seeing a wild animals in its natural habitat, especially if it comes as a surprise. Now that travel is becoming more and more eco-conscious, an increasing number of people opt for wildlife vacations that allow them to get in touch with nature and get away from the hubbub of the city.

    If you’re curious what it’s like to see elephants, gorillas or whales off the TV screen, now it’s easier than ever to embark on a breaht-taking, life-changing adventure that will surely give you a different outlook on wild animals. Here are some of the best wildlife watching destinations in the world, where you get the chance to meet a few of the most fascinating species on the planet.

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  • 5 reasons to visit Panama

    Panama city

    Panama city

    The thin sliver of land that connects the North and South American continents is slowly emerging as one of the most exciting and fresh tourist destinations of the decade, not surprising seeing as Panama has all the best points of Central America, crammed in one place: vibrant city life, lush jungle with interesting wildlife, natural wonders, beaches and bits of native culture that weren’t destroyed by colonization.

    The “Crossroads of America” hasn’t acquired its fame merely by chance – there are good reasons why any traveler should seriously consider visiting Panama even when the offer in Central America is quite varied. So what does this small country have to offer that makes it better than its competitors? Here are 5 reasons to visit Panama.

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  • 5 amazing things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

    Pitch Lake, photo by Shriram Rajagopalan

    Trinidad and Tobago might not features as prominently in tourist guides as some other Caribbean nations, but this cluster of island is a true (and often neglected) gem.

    As one of the most industrialized and wealthy Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t need to rely all that much on tourism, which means that there is a lot of virtually unspoilt scenery and even some natural attractions that few people from outside the islands have seen.

    Although both Trinidad and Tobago are mixes and jumbles of cultures, the two islands can seem quite different, with Trinidad the financial and industrial center (more cities, more nightlife, more shopping), while Tobago relies more on tourism and its natural beauty. Here are 5 amazing things to do in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  • The traveler’s guide to Swaziland

    photo by Jasper van der Meij

    Swaziland is only a tiny speck on the map of Africa, but this tiny country definitely knows how to pack a punch. Although an absolute monarchy (one of the oldest monarchies in Africa, in fact) and despite problems with poverty, Swaziland is famous for its friendly people, great tourist facilities and some very interesting attractions.

    Rich wildlife, beautiful scenery and fascinating culture is what you can find in this amazing country. Swaziland might not have huge national parks and large cities, but even in its miniature size it has more than enough attractions to entertain any tourist. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Swaziland.

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  • Lesser known attractions in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong at night

    Asia’s World City is nothing if not a metropolis with a thousand faces – Cantonese Chinese and British on the surface, but with an aftertaste of everything from Vietnam to Canada.

    Hong Kong is a masterpiece of world civilization, where you can bask in the glow of Disneyland and giant gilded Buddha statues, let the views from Peak Tower take your breath away, and indulge in shopping, cuisine and all sorts of activities ranging from educational to wacky.

    It’s not difficult to find things to see and do in Hong Kong, since the major attractions are at withing easy reach. But the hidden attractions of Hong Kong are no less entertaining, and even if they can be a bit out of the way, they are worth seeing. Here are 5 lesser known attractions in Hong Kong.

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  • The most stunning natural attractions in Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Vietnam is quite possibly one of the countries with the most eventful histories in Asia, and not a pleasant one at that: rebellions, occupations, wars, colonization. But despite its hardships, today’s Vietnam is a place that welcomes visitors, open to sharing its beauty and culture, and bearing its battle scars with dignity.

    Vietnam is one of those countries where colors seem brighter, tastes more enticing and natural sights more impressive than anywhere else. Vietnamese art, culture and cuisine should be experienced in full by all travelers, and so should the compelling natural wonders too. Here are some of the most stunning natural attractions in Vietnam, which should not be missed by any means.

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