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  • The most spectacular volcanoes in Asia

    Mount Bromo, photo by Michael Day on Flickr

    Volcanoes might seem like lava spitting, smoke belching hell machines (and they really are that, if you happen to live at the base of an active volcano), but travelers with a sense of adventure will always want to see them in person, simply because volcanoes tend to be some of the most impressive natural sites on the planet. Whether you want to see a destructive force of nature from a safe distance, or to see the extinct remains of a volcano that has most certainly terrorized a lot of people in the past, you should head to the Asian continent, home to some of the most impressive volcanoes on the planet. If you like visiting exciting natural sites, travel to see some of the most spectacular volcanoes in Asia.

  • The best hiking trails in Asia

    Tiger Leaping Gorge, photo by Hector Garcia on Flickr

    From the tallest mountains in the world to the most idyllic tropical islands, Asia has it all. The sheer geographical diversity of the continent is incredible, and naturally the scenery can be more beautiful than you thought you could imagine. So it figures that Asia would be chock full of opportunities for hiking, climbing and trekking, and it’s a wonder that any of the routes are ever free of eager travelers. Hiking is not all about physical effort and pushing your boundaries, but also about discovering natural wonders small or large, animals, plants and minerals, and getting a bit closer to nature than you were at the start. These trails can do just that and so much more – here are some of the best hiking trails in Asia.

  • Top 5 attractions in Chile for outdoorsy travelers

    Villarrica Volcano, photo by ogwen on Flickr

    It’s almost as if civilization and had conspired to make Chile one of the geographically diverse countries on the planet, stretching from the driest desert on the planet, Atacama, to the icy north of Patagonia, and encompassing about half the length of the South American continent. Chile has beaches and islands along the coast, plenty of volcanoes, waterfalls, archaeological sites, vineyards and ice caps, which is to say that if you prefer to spend your time outside, Chile has more than enough sights and things to do to keep you out of your hotel room 24/7. So pack a good pair of walking shoes and prepare to submit to the elements while visiting the top 5 attractions in Chile for outdoorsy travelers.

  • Top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world

    Mount Taranaki

    Think back of all the times when you’ve seen volcanoes in movies, and you’ll probably notice that they are rarely a benign presence in the plot. Unwary travelers find themselves in the way of a murderous torrent of lava, or are sacrificed to strange deities by scary looking locals. Suffice to say, volcanoes have been unjustly represented in films and books, so probably you don’t often find yourself thinking that you fancy visiting a volcano today. But despite their infamous reputation, volcanoes more often than not look like impressive mountains with a crater at the top rather than steaming, lava filled geological monsters. So them a chance (they can be really beautiful!) and visit some of the top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world.

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