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  • Top 5 strange buildings in the world

    Grune Zitadelle, Magdeburg

    Go into a suburban neighborhood and chances are that you’ll see the most boring and conventional architecture in the world. When all the buildings are more or less the same, it seems like you just can’t escape the monotony.

    But while in some places people are more than happy to stick to their boring square buildings, the architects who designed following constructions are either very creative, or just plain crazy. If you want to see some buildings that are out of the ordinary, check out this list of the top 5 strange buildings in the world.

  • Most Unusual Buildings in the World



    Architecture is not always about the beautiful or the monumental: there are many buildings around the world whose architects seem to defy all rules. If you are an oddity aficionado, then the good news for you is that you will be able to spot weird and unusual constructions in every corner of the world.

    You don’t even need a travel guide or some sort of special skills in order to locate them: they simply pop out of the scenery. And while some of these strange and daring creations have reached landmark status (I’m sure that no one saw the Eiffel Tower or the Bilbao Museum as the right construction at the right place when they were first inaugurated) some remain plainly weird. Today’s post will mostly deal with this latter category:

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