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  • The future of medical tourism industry

    Patient visiting the doctor

    A visit at the doctor now ©jpalinsad360/Flickr

    In today’s developing world it is highly difficult to make accurate predictions about the future of one or another industry – medical tourism is not any different. And yet, there are certain signs and indicators that can give us some idea about what we can expect from this segment in the next decade.

    Technological development, medical/ hospital costs and immigration reform are three strong and important indicators of what the future of medical tourism will bring. This will not be a very detailed and exhaustive description of the future but it will, hopefully give an idea of what will happen in the industry in the years coming.

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  • Top 5 iphone apps for traveling

    Apple Iphone


    Any geek worth her or his salt surely knows that travel and technology are two things that go very well together. Nowadays, you don’t even have to be particularly technologically inclined in order to take advantage of all the new technologies, especially when we’re talking about communication (which is something that’s essential to any traveler, anywhere).

    So an iphone is a great gadget on many levels: as a phone, its advantages are obvious, and as opposed to the regular phones of the past, travelers can put it to other uses too. Travel apps are quite common, and before you leave on a trip you might be interested in checking out the top 5 iphone apps for traveling.

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