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  • Spring Madness – 5 Great Escapes

    Now that winter is living its last days, we can only dream about the spring vacation and that unique feeling of plenitude and renewal that each spring pours into our souls. Spring time is a good time to visit almost any location around the world: the temperatures are mostly pleasant, it’s not yet peak season (so you don’t have to worry about queues and reservations) and multicolored flowers are blooming everywhere.

    Although many people still prefer the Caribbean beaches or the islands of Hawaii for spending their spring break, it’s not necessary to fly as far as Australia in order to get an unforgettable spring break. All across the United States, people find the most original ways to celebrate the return of warm weather.

    Spring is not only the perfect time for festivals, but also a point where nature is just drop-dead gorgeous. And if you decide to head south, you might even get some sun tan sooner that you think. Here are our picks for the 2010 spring:

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