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  • Ski destination hotels from $34 per night

    Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV

    Grand Sierra Hotel ©prayitno/Flickr

    Winter cannot pass without a proper ski vacation and there are so many great places for that in the US! That is why our deal hunters looked for and found these ski destinations hotels from $34 per night.

    Check out these ski destination hotels and hurry up to book one of them, such deals may sell out any moment!

    ? Grand Sierra Resort and Casino from $34/ night
    ? Hideaway Village Townhomes from $130/ night
    ? Carbondale-Days Inn from $75/ night
    ? Airport Inn Hotel from $63/ night
    ? MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa from $76/ night

  • Easter skiing: 5 resorts with late-season snow

    Saas Fee, photo by Claudio Vosti

    Not everyone celebrates Easter, but whatever you are planning to do on Easter Sunday and a few days before or after, mid-April is a great time to go on a short holiday.

    With Spring in full bloom it isn’t difficult to find some nice outdoor destinations where you can enjoy the sun, but what if you’re not ready to let go of winter yet?

    If you haven’t managed to go frolic in the snow during the winter months,

    April is not too late yet. If you’re not planning on spending Easter at home, why not go on a ski vacation?

    There are quite a few ski resorts around the world where you can enjoy  some subzero temperatures even in April. Here are some destinations for Easter skiing: 5 resorts with late-season snow.

  • The most amazing travel destinations in Finland



    If you don’t have anything against a bit of cold weather, then Finland is probably one of the best places to live in Europe. This Scandinavian wunderkind has large expanses of unspoiled landscape, with scatterings of modern, organized and pretty towns and cities. You can drive for hours and hours in Finland without encountering a single soul or human settlement, but probably not without encountering a lake (which make up about 10% of the country).

    This is the country of Santa Claus, of saunas and civil rights, and in general, nothing like any other countries in Europe. Here are some of the most amazing travel destinations in Finland, which will hopefully convince you to visit this magical country.

  • The best ski resorts for Christmas holidays

    photo by Marta Paniti

    If you love snow at Christmastime but you’re not sure whether you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy at least a few flakes if you stay at home, then there’s only one solution: head to the mountains.

    Spending the Christmas holidays in a ski resorts will allow you to enjoy the distinctly wintery atmosphere in front of a log fire, as well as have oceans of snow at your disposal for skiing, snowboarding or even snowball fights. Here are some of the best ski resorts for Christmas holidays, and they will definitely make your winter memorable.

  • The world’s most unusual ski hotspots

    Snowboarding man in the snow


    Skiing and snowboarding are just two of the many sports enjoyed by people on a winter break. As such, there are a number of very popular resorts across central Europe or North America where you can ski on established slopes and enjoy après ski in the company of many other enthusiasts.

    Occasionally, however, it is tempting to leave away the oft-frequented slopes in search of something a little different. Not just off piste, but also off the main skiing maps altogether. If you are searching for late ski deals and fancy a trip somewhere exotic, then listed below are some of the world’s most unusual skiing destinations.

  • Best and cheapest ski resorts this winter

    The holidays might be almost over, but the winter is still only starting! Especially when it comes to the skiing season, which can last well into spring. But seeing as the potential traveler’s budget is probably exhausted by all that Christmas shopping, not many people will be thinking of skiing trips at this time.

    However, if you want to take a holiday at a mountain resort at the beginning of 2011, you should start looking up a few places that meet your needs. For all those travelers who don’t want to spend too much on their ski holidays, we’ve compiled a list of the best and cheapest ski resorts this winter.

  • The best ski resorts in the Alps



    When thinking about mountains and mountain resorts in Europe, you can’t help but think of the Alps. Sure, there are many mountain ranges in Europe, but when in comes to winter sports, the Alps are almost unbeatable. Not only are there lots of good slopes for skiing, snowboarding and other snow-related sports, but the views are also magnificent, without exception.

    As you know, the Alps spread over Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. There are countless great ski resorts in all of them, but here is a top five list of the best ski resorts in the Alps, ever.

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