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  • The largest Las Vegas casino robberies

    Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

    Bellagio Las Vegas ©matze_ott/Flickr

    While gamblers feel at the losing side as they are despoiled by the slot machines (notoriously known as “armed bandits”), casinos are usually the safest places in the world. And yet, in spite of a lot of cameras, some criminals were really brazen – or crazy – enough to try to steal from the modern casinos in Las Vegas.

    While it seems in films like “Oceans 11″ , as it would be a sexy adventure to rob a casino, the reality is that these crimes do not usually end well for the perpetrators. So  here we are to present the list of some of the largest casino robberies that the city of sin has ever met. For the fans of George Clooney and Brad Pitt: they are not on the list, sorry…

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  • 5 Inspiring Spring Destinations for the Artist Within

    Just as winter is reserved the grandeur of whole cities covered in snow, autumn the richness of fragrances and tastes and summertime the blessing of the sun, springtime is, above all, simply inspiring. If there is one season pushing us to go outside and awakening our adventure spirit, that can only be spring.

    With all the songs, paintings and love poems praising the spring, no matter that this season often seems over-saturated with romanticism. But it is equally true that there is no better time to let yourself guided by inspiration, grab a camera and let loose the artist within. Traveling across Southern USA, you will discover the most amazing, breathtaking spring sceneries:

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  • Top Five Mardi Gras Festivals



    The history of Mardi Gras parades goes back to pre-christian times, when the Romans used to celebrate Lupercalia, a pagan ritual in which circus demonstrations represented the main ingredient (it might as well be the starting point of the notorious catch-phrase ‘bread and circuses”). When Christianity started to spread, it encompassed some of these traditions in a manifestation that was meant to mark the beginning of the 40-day Lent preceding Easter.

    Across the centuries, the Mardi Gras (‘Fat Tuesday’) has grown to represent the carnival period, a time for joy and decadence, when people all around the world gather on the streets, put on their masks and unleash their senses.

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