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  • Top 5 life-changing North African adventures

    Morocco desert

    Much of North Africa has gone through some serious hurdles in the past year or so, which might have put many travelers off going to this part of the world.

    But the political and civil storms in these North African countries is settling down, and and if you are the kind of traveler who likes to make a change in the world as well as have fun, then traveling to North Africa is the best thing you can do right now.

    Countries like Tunisia or Egypt benefit greatly from the income generated by tourism, and they are trying to attract more visitors with lower prices then before. And even if you can make a change, a change might also happen to you. Here are the top 5 life-changing North African adventures that might give you a new perspective on life and its wonders.

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  • Bangalore is a Travel Budget Heaven

    For those looking for a rich historical and cultural experience, the city of Bangalore in India is a sure fire bet. Bangalore is a well known, international city filled with incredible cultural sites, tons of budget accommodation options, and a night life that travelers rarely find in a destination that costs so little. In addition, because of the many students who attend the Indian Institute of Management, this is a fun, educated, and hip destination for any budget traveler.

    Palace in BangaloreWhen going to Bangalore, expect to visit a lot of incredible gardens and parks. These have little to no entrance fees and are filled with culturally important old monuments. Bangalore is probably not at all what first time visitors to India expect to find as it is a thoroughly modern city with options for luxury hotels, five star dining, and no shortage of well developed tourist attractions.

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  • Sanssouci – probably the most beautiful palace in Europe

    When it comes to architecture, it’s next to impossible to designate a building as the most beautiful/ugliest, because like all art, architecture is mostly subjective. But if you ask me, I have quite a firm opinion on the subject of Europe’s most beautiful palace.

    Without question, Sanssouci is one of the most impressive Rococo buildings in the continent. Sure, it might be dwarfed by the Baroque opulence of Versailles, but Sanssouci has so many little hidden corners and delightful follies that it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.

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