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  • Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa under $50/night

    Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa

    Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa ©

    Would you like to visit Japan this spring? We found you a hotel deal that you may like. Book today the Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa under $50/night instead of $70 and save money. The price is per night for two people and the date is April 6-8, 2014.

  • Things to know before visiting Okinawa

    Eating with chopsticks

    Eating with chopsticks ©Brandon Conelly/Flickr

    You might also call this post things to know before visiting Japan, as the rules of politeness that follow are quite general, apply for the whole country. However now it concentrates on how to treat the locals in Okinawa, this less known but not less lovely part of the island nation, and how you can expect to be treated.

    If you believe I have missed something and there are more things to know before visiting Okinawa, feel free to raise your voice in the comment section! 

  • Top 5 underwater attractions in Asia

    We all know that Asia has so many amazing travel destinations that it is difficult to count. But when you think of travel destinations, it’s usually the places above (or under) solid ground that come to mind. However, the wonders of Asia do not cease when you leave dry land, quite the opposite.

    If you are not averse to getting a bit wet, the wonderful underwater sites of Asia will make a really good destination for you. So get your diving equipment (but not necessarily), and take a look at this list of top 5 underwater attractions in Asia.

  • Top 5 reasons to visit Okinawa

    Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, is a collection of over 150 tropical islands that seem not to be part of Japan at all. The differences between the main islands and Okinawa are great in terms of culture, cuisine, language and landscape.

    Visitors to Japan usually go for the cultural and historical sights, the customs, the shopping and the cool gadgets that are not always available in the west. So if you want to see another side of Japan, less visible but just as fascinating as the more popular one, here are top 5 reasons to visit Okinawa.

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