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  • The most beautiful hiking trails in the world

    Salkantay Trail, photo by Helder Ribeiro on Flickr

    Here’s the reason why there are so many incredible hiking trails in the world: our planet is pretty big (for us, at least), and not all people who claim to like hiking actually go hiking (otherwise there might be actual traffic jams on hiking trails).

    That leaves us with expanses of magnificently rugged and challenging terrain through which daring travelers have forged paths in their search of beautiful vistas and healthy outdoor exercise. Some trails are difficult and technical, while others are easy enough that you have ample time to admire the surrounding scenery. So here are some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

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  • Top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world



    Think back of all the times when you’ve seen volcanoes in movies, and you’ll probably notice that they are rarely a benign presence in the plot. Unwary travelers find themselves in the way of a murderous torrent of lava, or are sacrificed to strange deities by scary looking locals.

    Suffice to say, volcanoes have been unjustly represented in films and books, so probably you don’t often find yourself thinking that you fancy visiting a volcano today.

    But despite their infamous reputation, volcanoes more often than not look like impressive mountains with a crater at the top rather than steaming, lava filled geological monsters. So them a chance (they can be really beautiful!) and visit some of the top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world.

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  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

    On the top of KilimanjaroClimbing Kilimanjaro via Machame Route.

    Total hiking distance: approximately 100km

    Total time: 6 days

    Tour operator: Peace Matunda Tour

    Guide: Bellasix Kaaya

    Day 1
    Hiking Time: 7h
    Distance: 18km
    Habitat: Montane forest

    We were picked up by the Focus in Africa team at Tengeru market and drove directly to Machame Gate (1490m) in Moshi. The group consists of 9 people from all over the world.
    We left Machame Gate around 1pm and had a beautiful walk up through the rain forest. On the way up I met some of our porters and had Alfonsi and Fredi teach me some Kiswahili phrases.

    The walk was pleasant and sunny. Jakob, our cook (by the way excellent food!! And he also cooked on my safari!!), had given us a lunch package including bananas, a muffin, donut and a samosa. At 5pm we arrived at the first camp called Machame Camp (2980m) where Jakob expected us with hot tea and popcorn. The tents were already all set up. We had fish that night and potatoes. Kind of bizarre that I had to climb Kili in order to eat some fish in Tanzania!

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  • Favorite Destinations for the Month of May

    For many of you travelers up there, the month of May might represent just a mild prelude to the exuberance of summer. But in fact, May is the most privileged month, as it takes the best out of both seasons: the weather is warm enough to make you go outside, yet it doesn’t reach unbearable limits; the jasmine-infused nights are simply ravishing and, to add the cherry on top, this is a time when some wonderful events are taking place all over the world.

    This being said, May might be the perfect moment to pack your bags and take off; with so many things going on, almost every destination you pick will reward you with lots of fun and perfect weather. However, in case nothing comes to your mind, feel free to take a look at out picks for May 2010:

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  • Your Guide to an Active Vacation

    Sick and tired off all those organized trips, of getting that upsetting deja-vu sensation whenever you enter a hotel room or visit a new museum? Well, no reason to panic: there is nothing wrong with you or with the places that you are visiting. The only problem is that, when you visit places from the same perspective, things are likely to become boring and superfluous at some point. The best thing to do in this case is to change your way of doing things: just try to take more control over the situation, head for some place that you have never heard before, try to understand better the local traditions and lifestyle, and, most of all, learn to trust your own feet and instinct.

    The truth is that many people find it difficult to enter the shoes of the typical tourists: they always feel like going off the beaten path, getting involved, find a new challenge. For both the over-bored and the hyperactive tourists, here is out little guide to an active vacation:

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