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  • The best whale watching destinations in the world



    The giants of the deep, the largest mammals on the planet, are not quite as easy to spot as one might think, considering their size. Although whales live in many parts of the world ocean, but their populations are constantly dropping due to whaling and pollution, so seeing a whale in its natural habitat is a very special experience.

    Whale watching is among the most popular wildlife watching activities in the world, and it’s not difficult to arrange or book a whale watching expedition once you know where to look. If you want to see some of these majestic creatures in action, here are some of the best whale watching destinations in the world.

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  • Summer 2010: 5 Great Places to Volunteer

    Some people say that there is an age for volunteering (under 30) just like there is an age for cruising (some call it retirement). But this doesn’t necessarily mean that one cannot go globe trotting when he/she is 18 or volunteer after one just got retired. In the latest years, active vacations have become a contagious trend.

    There are plenty of under-developed countries and marginalized people that need all the money, know-how and enthusiasm of their more fortunate fellows, with no regard of their age. Most of these countries are relatively unknown to the average traveler, and are very likely to offer life-changing experiences. In many cases, a volunteering job will also get you free accommodation, meals and numerous possibilities for cheap traveling.

    Even though some volunteering stages can be as expensive as $5000 per month, it is hard to say no to such opportunities as swimming with the dolphins in the Indian Ocean or living among the native tribes in the Amazonian rain forest. As we can consider the 2010 holiday season open, here are some amazing places where you can spend your active vacation:

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