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  • A traveler’s guide to visiting Antarctica

    photo by Christian Stoker on Flickr

    The Earth is beautiful, but it’s not always a fun place to be in. Deserts and snowy, icy corners of the planet are not everyone’s idea of a good time, and when it comes to Antarctica, for example, few people except for scientists would be willing to spend time there.

    But as maligned as Antarctica might be, it is in fact a very interesting choice of a travel destination, and not just because visiting a continent covered in ice at the South Pole of the planet sounds cool.

    A trip to Antarctica might just convince you that even the most inhospitable spots on the planet are actually excellent places for holidaymaking. Here’s a traveler’s guide to visiting Antarctica, for those who are looking for a freezing adventure.

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  • The food lover’s guide to Tasmania

    Tasmania is famous or being one of the wildest, most unusual places in Australia, which is no mean feat considering the country’s outback and forests. This piece of untamed land is notoriously windy and it not exactly the paragon of good weather, but it is one of the cleanest places on the planet and does not only have a unique fauna, but flora as well.

    With the great fresh ingredients found in Tasmania, it’s only natural that the cuisine is not bad at all. The culinary offerings of Tasmania range from neighborhood bar food with surprising twists, as well as loads of high class restaurants where some of the best chefs in the world create wonders. So here’s a food lover’s guide to Tasmania.

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  • The best urban travel destinations in Australia



    The wild expanses of Australia’s outback are quite sought after by adventure travelers and nature lovers, but although Australia is famous for its amazing natural landscapes, it has quite a few impressive urban landscapes to show off as well. Despite the wide open expanses of bush, outback, desert and beach, Australia is actually one of the most urbanized countries on the planet.

    You can find any type of urban area in Australia, starting with sleepy, scenic towns off the beaten path, to buzzing metropolises where the flurry of people and cars never quite stops. So if you want to take a quick dip into the cities of Oz, here are some of the best urban travel destinations in Australia.

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  • Amazing Earth: Tasmania

    Just try to imagine traveling the same distance like between Los Angeles and Denver in one direction and reaching the shores of Antarctica, while if turn the other way and go for 300 miles, you will find one of the most arid deserts in the world. Here, between the hot Australian desert and the frozen wilderness of the South Pole lies one of the most interesting islands in the world: Tasmania.

    Many of you might have heard about this small Australian state named Tasmania from the famous cartoon depicting a Tasmanian devil named Taz. Although this endemic animal is for Tasmania just what the kangaroo is for Australia or the kiwi for New Zealand, its proverbial ferocity is just one small aspect of the island’s amazingly rich wildlife. During today’s post, we will try to focus one some of the aspects that make Tasmania such a an amazing place.

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