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  • The best small towns in the world for autumn travel

    Douro Valley, photo by Rosino

    Some people are squeamish about traveling in summertime. Unless you can afford to travel only in air conditioned cars or airplanes, being on the road in the summer heat is hardly a very pleasant experience. This is why many people prefer to travel in autumn, when you can still enjoy sunlight but the weather is considerably milder. And there’s another pro to autumn travel – the foliage. Taking a trip to the countryside or to small, peaceful towns surrounded by a sea of red and gold leaves doesn’t compare to anything else in the world. So here are some of the best small towns in the world for autumn travel.

  • The best destinations for fall foliage viewing

    For anyone who lives in the US or has spent a lot of time in the US, the words ‘fall foliage ‘ inevitably conjure up images of New England. However, the very pleasant activity of watching the multicolored leaves of autumn is subject to no geographical bounds other than an appropriate latitude, and whichever continent you are currently located on, you can find places to watch the fall foliage (in the southern hemisphere, though, you will have to wait until it’s autumn).

    In a few months, temperate regions in the northern hemisphere will decorated in red and gold, and here are some of the best destinations for fall foliage viewing that you might consider visiting.

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