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  • The best Disneyland parks in the world

    photo by J Aaron Farr on Flickr

    Disney cartoons are some of the most famous and beloved in the world, and their movies are not far behind. Something this magical and exciting couldn’t have lasted long without a theme park, and the first Disneyland park opened in 1955. Since then, Disneylands and Disney resorts have popped up all over the world where Disney has a fanbase, and although all of them have things in common, many of the theme parks come with their own quirks and unique features.

    If you loved Disney as a kid, chances are that you will still love the park as an adult – so don’t be shy, age doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying the magic of Disney! Here are some of the best Disneyland parks in the world.

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  • Springtime in Paris: Most Overrated Attractions and Their Brilliant Alternatives

    The city of Paris, whose bohemian cafes and picturesque streets served once as a refuge for damned poets and self-exiled painters, has nowadays become a money-making machine that attracts millions and millions of travelers every year. But it would be unfair to claim that Paris as a whole is overrated – few other cities can match Paris in terms of architectural excellence, number of museums or glamorous boutiques.
    It is a common mistake among Paris tourists to spend half of their time standing in lines and waiting in the traffic. No one can deny the importance of such sites as Notre Dame or the Louvre, but let us just accept that, if it wasn’t for a few famous movies, these places would have received only half of the attention they are enjoying now. Paris is the kind of city that requires lots of patience and the willingness to explore it all by yourself. So, of you really want to get a taste of Paris an not just a scrap book full of clichéd pictures, the first thing to do is leave all those overrated, time wasting attractions behind and just enjoy everything else:

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