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  • Top 3 Cambodian villages for rural holidays

    Cambodia, photo by missmei

    The first thing that comes to mind at a mention of Cambodia are temples in general, and Angkor Wat in particular, or if you are the type to look on the gloomy side of things, Cambodia pretty much equals Khmer Rouge and a depressing history of being dominated by other nations. But Cambodia is so much more than ancient temples and memorials dedicated to the victims of the reign of terror. Cambodia might be poor and still rebuilding itself, but it is imbued with a kind of magic that is difficult to resist. One way to enjoy this magic is to spend some time in the countryside, and get to know the culture, the people, and experience the small pleasures of day to day life, like sunshine, good food and friendly people. Here are top 5 Cambodian villages for rural holidays.

  • 5 amazing attractions in Southeast Asia

    Bagan, photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

    Southeast Asia is the ultimate proof that being in the same geographic area doesn’t mean that countries can’t be as different as apples and oranges. The countries of Southeast Asia might be related somewhat and often might share a common history, but ultimately they all come with their strikingly unique features. For a long time, they have been a haven for backpackers around the world, thanks to the seemingly neverending beaches, lush tropical climate, great cultural sights and experiences, as well as the very affordable prices. The huge number of islands and lands contained in these eleven countries offer limitless possibilities for intrepid travelers, and these 5 amazing attractions in Southeast Asia are only a small taster of what awaits you.

  • The most popular glamping destinations in the world

    photo by Stephanie Chapman on Flickr

    For most people, camping is all about roughing it in the wild, getting in touch with primal nature and relying on basic survival skills – all in good fun. Others might prefer a but of glam in their camping expeditions, and instead of sleeping in a drafty tent and eating canned beans warmed by the fire, they go for something a bit more upscale – they go glamping. So if you want to be close to nature but not too close, you can pick and chose whatever you like out of a camping experience and supplement the rest with luxury. Here are some of the most popular glamping destinations in the world, where the wild is made upscale for you.

  • Top 5 stilt house villages in the world

    Tai O, photo by Sue Waters

    For someone who has lived their entire life in a suburban house with a white picket fence, it could seem unimaginable that anyone would want to live in any other dwelling. But different cultures had different understandings of what a home should look like, and in many parts of the world people have lived and still live in houses that make a suburban home seem like the most unimaginative crib in the world. And one of the most unusual and exciting places to live (at least, if you aren’t afraid of water) is a stilt house, which has been the house of choice for people in different places on the globe. If the thought of living in an apartment suspended on stilts above water sounds like a lot of fun to you, then you will definitely like visiting the top 5 stilt house villages in the world.

  • Cambodian cities to see before you die

    Phnom Penh, photo by Lori NY

    Cambodia, an unlucky country with some of the most beautiful ruined temples in the world, is a tourist destination chiefly thanks to the wonders of Angkor and other similar places. However, those who have dedicated some of their holiday time in Cambodia to the exploration of not only ancient cities but new ones too, rarely regret it. Cambodia’s cities are in a constant flux, and the ravages of the Khmer Rouge are slowly being erased day by day. Luxury hotels stand tall next to old gilded temples, and even more unsavory sights like potholes and garbage heaps – but all these these things are what make Cambodia’s cities unique. If you decide to visit this stunning country, whether as a backpacker or regular traveler, there are quite a few Cambodian cities to see before you die.

  • Top 5 natural wonders in Cambodia

    photo by Michael Cory

    As far as countries and luck go, Cambodia has been pretty much drawing the short stick for at least a couple of centuries. The mighty Khmer Empire has been ravaged by invaders, then the French took it over in the 19th century, and then civil war gave way to the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge, which left some deep scars that still haven’t completely healed yet. However, there is something magical about Cambodia, and this magic doesn’t stop at its many temples or vibrant cities. Cambodia is a place of unique natural beauty that has remained untainted throughout the centuries. No visit to Cambodia is complete without exploring a bit of its nature as well as culture, so here are our picks for the top 5 natural wonders in Cambodia.

  • The world’s best places to see the sunset

    As cliche as watching the sunset may sound, few people can remain unimpressed when faced with the last rays of sunlight, the mellow purple and orange shades of the sky and, why not, the romanticism of the whole experience. Watching the sunset should be no problem for anyone, wherever they live in the world, but beautiful as they are all, not all sunsets are equal. Some of the most stunning sunsets in the world can be seen in exceptional places. Should you travel to these places only to see the sunset? Sure, especially since the sunset is definitely not the only thing about them that will impress you. Here are the world’s best places to see the sunset.

  • Top 10 most beautiful castles in the world

    Childhood love for castles, forts and all the accessories that come with it is rarely completely overcome, and as a grown up traveler, anyone can indulge in their secret (or not so secret) love for castles in several destinations where castles are considered to be a very serious business.

    In Europe, castles and palaces have a long tradition, and in countries like France, Germany or the UK castles are some of the most beloved tourist attractions. Castles, however, come in many shapes and sizes, from medieval storybook-style castles, to marvels of Asian architecture and other castles. So if you like castles, here are the top 10 most beautiful castles in the world.

  • The most interesting colonial towns in the world

    Olinda, Brazil

    While colonial past was rarely pleasant, especially for the colonized people, it must be said that the end result has some good parts too, even if they are limited to nice colonial architecture and an interesting blend of cultures.

    For that reason, ex-colonies have a unique charm, and if for whatever reason you are interested in colonial history or simply enjoy a good cultural mix, then there are quite a few places you might want to visit. So for tourists interested in such things, here are the most interesting colonial towns in the world.

  • Top 5 tourist attractions in Cambodia

    Cambodia has everything it needs to be successful: natural beauty, interesting and unique culture, pleasant tropical climate, but luck hasn’t really been on its side for the past five centuries or so. However, nowadays its luck seems to be turning around, and Cambodia is getting back on its feet, partly because of tourism.

    The country’s magnificent temples and pristine beaches are attracting more visitors than ever before, and there are lots of ‘undiscovered’ places that appeal to adventurers and backpackers. So if you are planning on visiting this amazing country, here are the top 5 tourist attractions in Cambodia.

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