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  • Budget cruises to the Bahamas from $169 per person

    Monarch of the Seas

    Monarch of the Seas ©Jacrews7/Flickr

    Cruising is generally the cheapest vacation, for that good these budget cruises to the Bahamas from $169 per person are great proof. Sail the Bahamas in January and February 2013 and pay only $169 per person!

    Royal Caribean’s Monarch of the Seas will depart from Port Canaveral, Florida and will stop at the ports of Cococay (Royal Caribbean’s private island) and Nassau. Surprise your family with a winter budget cruise – they will love it! 

  • Cheap New York City hotels from $99 p/n

    Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty ©aa7ae/Flickr

    Travelgrove Deal Hunters have found some very advantageous deals for cheap New York City hotels from $99 per night per room. But we also have last minute Las Vegas hotels from $22 per night per room.

    We do not only offer cheap hotel offers, check below to see Hawaii vacations from $566 per person, round-trip Boston flights from $98 per person.

  • Los Angeles hotels on sale from $76 a night

    LA skyline

    LA skyline ©ElSlunko/Flickr

    Even if you had a good time celebrating Independence day yesterday, you might be back in the vacation planning business already. If your destination is the City of Angels, you will be interested in our on sale Los Angeles hotels from $76 a night.

    Or perhaps for another type of getaway you want to check out this Caribbean cruise by Carnival with oceanview cabins from $199, we have a great set of handpicked offers for this week too, take a look below!

  • Cheap Chicago hotel deals from $56 per night

    Here are this week’s top travel deals, hand picked by our travel specialists. Our best offer today is cheap Chicago hotel deals from $56 per night. You can also fly to Chicago from $123 round-trip – check out the details below.

    Apart from cheap hotels in Chicago we also offer domestic airfares from $88, Bahama cruises from $179 and other deals you cannot miss. 

  • The best budget hotels in Singapore

    photo by William Cho on Flickr

    Singapore is one of the busiest ports in Asia, one of the wealthiest cities all around, and a tourist destination that some love and some hate, but which will most definitely won’t leave you indifferent. Some see Singapore like a clean-cut, simplified version of more ‘authentic’ Asian cities, but the truth is that Singapore has plenty of authenticity and personality of its own.

    And another thing that might not be obvious about Singapore is that you can visit it on a tighter budget too. Singapore is not the cheapest destination in Southeast Asia, but it has a range of reasonably priced flashpacker and budget travel options. The most airlines offer cheap flights to Singapore. Here are some of the best budget hotels in Singapore.

  • A traveler’s guide to budget road trips

    Road trips used to be one of the most affordable kinds of travel in past – all you needed was a car (your own or borrowed), money for gas and a road map. But road trips are no longer the rebellion of choice of hip teenagers looking for adventure and freedom. In fact, road trips are not that cheap anymore either, considering the price of gas.

    And yet, a road trip is an iconic travel experience, something that should be done at least in a lifetime, and not only by youngsters preparing to go off to college. If you are afraid that going on a road trip will cost you more money than it’s worth, then you might want to read this traveler’s guide to budget road trips which could help make your trip more affordable.

  • Budget travel in Finland

    photo by ZeroOne on Flickr

    Finland is a great place to live: pretty small towns, unspoiled nature, and excellent welfare system and even the legendary mountain of Santa Klaus belongs to the Finns. However, from the traveler’s point of view, Finland can be a bit on the expensive side – it is a Scandinavian country after all!

    However, it’s only a myth that Finland is outrageously expensive, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a backpacker country either. However, seeing the attractions of Finland are worth a bit of effort, and there are ways to stretch your budget during your stay. Budget travel in Finland is not impossible, and there are several useful tricks that can help you.

  • Pros and cons for all inclusive travel

    photo by Eustaquio Santimano on Flickr

    Many travelers who have roamed the planet would say that you’re not traveling properly unless it’s just you and your backpack, a battered travel guidebook, meager funds and tons of creative ideas, plus the willingness to go wherever the wind takes you.

    But for others, traveling is a less gritty experience, and it’s all about relaxing: lounging in the sun, sampling delicious food, luxurious rooms and a no worrying about what you should do next because everything is being taken care of. Independent travelers will surely scoff at the prospect of an all-inclusive trip that robs you of many of the joys of traveling, but is there really no positive side to all inclusive resorts? Here are the pros and cons for all inclusive travel – so decide for yourself whether it’s the right way of traveling for you!

  • Travel tips for train travel in India

    India is a huge country, and unless you plan on sticking to one destination, you will have no choice but spend quite a bit of time on a means of transport. You can travel by plane between major cities, but while a plane ride is arguable more comfortable than a bus or train ride, and much shorter, it is expensive and it would cause you to miss out on much of the fun of traveling through India.

    The Indian countryside is beautiful and full of magnificent sights, and there is hardly a better way to admire it than from behind a train window. Trains in India might not have the best reputation in the world, but when you’re an open minded traveler who likes adventure, you will find yourself enjoying yourself, so here are some travel tips for train travel in India.

  • A guide to finding cruise deals

    Even today, when travel is becoming increasingly affordable, cruises are still somewhat surrounded by an air of luxury and unattainability. Magazine pictures of the rich and/or famous lounging on the decks of cruise ships sailing through aquamarine water with a tropical sun shining down on them often seem out of the league of the regular traveler, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    If you are not well-versed in deal finding, going on a cruise might seem a bit improbable to you, but luckily there are ways to get cruise tickets for cut-rate prices. Here is a short guide to finding cruise deals that are too irresistible to pass up.

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