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  • Cheap Chicago hotel deals from $56 per night

    Here are this week’s top travel deals, hand picked by our travel specialists. Our best offer today is cheap Chicago hotel deals from $56 per night. You can also fly to Chicago from $123 round-trip – check out the details below.

    Apart from cheap hotels in Chicago we also offer domestic airfares from $88, Bahama cruises from $179 and other deals you cannot miss. 

  • Travel tips for budget cruises

    photo by Paul Gillet

    Gone are the times when only the rich could afford the pleasures of a cruise. Nowadays, with so many travel deals ripe for picking, it’s not impossible to visit faraway places without paying a small fortune.

    If you don’t like the hassles of budgeting, going on a cruise doesn’t sound like a bad idea, because for a fixed price you get accommodation, meals and sometimes even flights to the departure port. But in most cases, the guest ends up paying a lot more, which is enough to make any budget-conscious traveler wary of cruise offers.

    But if the idea of sailing on blue waters, relaxing and enjoying yourself on boad and stopping at interesting ports sounds like a dream come true, then you can try to make it work without going broke in the process. Here are some travel tips for budget cruises that can help you.

  • 5 ways to travel for free around the world

    For many people passionate about traveling, a round the world trip, or even a regular longer trip will probably sound like a dream come true. But in addition to the various problems you have to take care of before embarking on a long trip (figuring out what to do with your job and other commitments), the financial aspect is also a big deal for most travelers.

    After all, living and traveling through who knows countries for months can take a huge toll on your savings, but luckily, there are ways to make your trip cheaper. You won’t be able to travel completely for free, but there are some travel arrangements that won’t cost you a penny. Here are 5 ways to travel for free around the world.

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