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    Any geek worth her or his salt surely knows that travel and technology are two things that go very well together. Nowadays, you don’t even have to be particularly technologically inclined in order to take advantage of all the new technologies, especially when we’re talking about communication (which is something that’s essential to any traveler, anywhere).

    So an iphone is a great gadget on many levels: as a phone, its advantages are obvious, and as opposed to the regular phones of the past, travelers can put it to other uses too. Travel apps are quite common, and before you leave on a trip you might be interested in checking out the top 5 iphone apps for traveling.

    Around me

    If you hate the feeling of being in an unknown place and not knowing in which direction to go in order to find a coffee shop, restaurant, bank, etc, this free app developed by Marco Pifferi will be a great help. Around me lists various essential places around you, using the coordinates of your location: you get a list of places, their addresses, their distance from your location and even a map.

    Healix Travel Vaccination

    This is a very useful map for the health conscious traveler, because it lists all the vaccinations that might be necessary in each country you might visit. This is a simple app that gets straight to the point, and serves up all the health risk related information that a traveler needs, and besides, it’s free.


    If you have to stick to a schedule while you are traveling, this little app will organize your day for you. Trippit keeps track of all your travel details, from flight numbers and dates to taxi pickups, tour dates, hotel bookings etc. You can create an event with the app and store all the related info, so that you’ll have it withing easy reach at all times.


    If you hate big paper maps that you can never quite fold well, then you can get rid of them forever by installing MapQuest, a simple mapping tool that gives you directions, plans and saves routes and stores them on its website, so you can access them anytime, plus it also has a list of businesses in your location and can even plan walking routes.


    If you’re not fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting, this app can help you in some of the worst situations for travelers: not being able to communicate when abroad. Babelingo is a translation tool which can also teach you loads of useful phrases. If you can’t manage any other way, you just type in what you want to say, and show the babelingo translation to the person you’re talking to.

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    Courtney TgAvatar
    Courtney wrote on September 6, 2011:

    I just got back from a cross country road trip. The app that I least expected to use while traveling turned out to be a lifesaver. It’s called iTriage and it’s great for travelers when you need to locate a medical facility. I was able to easily locate an urgent care and get an xray after twisting my ankle on a hike.

    erato wrote on September 6, 2011:

    Thank you for sharing the app name Courtney. Hope your ankle is better now and it was nothing very serious. Apparently our 21st century travel kit should also contain some of these apps and they really are useful in some situations.

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