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  • Movile Cave in Romania – the only place in the world to survive a nuclear attack


    Movile Cave @Rich Boden

    The mass media, the movies and the different news and conspiracy theory sites are full of ideas these days of how the world will end. The peak of the Cold War is probably the last time when there was so much talk of a possible nuclear apocalypse. Such a catastrophe would destroy everything on earth and life as we know it would seize to exist everywhere… almost everywhere. You would not believe that the only place in the world that would survive a nuclear attack is a small cave in Romania, near the Balck Sea. 

    Mangalia sunset, Romania

    Mangalia sunset ©Alexandru Panoiu/Flickr

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    First look at the Movile Cave

    The Movile Cave is located in Constanta County, Romania, in the Dobrogea region of the country, near Mangalia, on the coast of the Black Sea. The cave was discovered pretty late, only in 1986 by a Romanian geologist and it does not stop to amaze the scientific world ever since.

    They were checking the soil of the area for constructions when they have discovered the Cave and soon scientists realized that it is unique in the whole world – it sustains life without oxygen! The environment within the cave is hostile to humans, animals and plants alike, yet there is life in there.

    Why is the cave unique

    Movile Cave is the only place on the planet where life is based on sulpho-compounds and does not need oxygen to sustain itself. All other life forms on our planet are based on carbon complex. Movile Cave lies in a depth of about 300 meters and it gives home to some 200 different species. This isolated ecosystem is 200 – 300 millions of years old, that is how much time these species had to adapt to the oxygen free life.

    Mangalia view, Romania

    Mangalia view ©Alexandru Panoiu/Flickr

    So yes, the Cave is probably the only place in the world to survive a nuclear attack or other major catastrophe, there is a catch. Due to its toxic environment for our life form, humans could not survive in it. Sad news for those who wanted to wait out the apocalypse in Romania. You can only visit the outside of the cave as the inside is toxic and only researchers are allowed to go down, but the surrounding nature is also beautiful and is worth a visit.

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