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  • Free space flights with KLM

    View over Earth from the outer space

    Earth ©DonkeyHotey/ Flickr

    Did you want to be an astronaut when you were a kid? Or did you just secretly always wanted to look back at Earth from out there? Now is your chance to do it – for free.

    With free space flights with KLM you can actually go to outer space for free, all you need to do is participate in the contest… and win it. The short video below is just an appetizer for this amazing ‘out of this world’ contest.

    Space flights with KLM

    The space flights are going to depart from KLM’s cosmodrome on the Caribbean island of Curacao. The cosmodrome will be finished in 2014 and after that the way to space is free!

    Well…. almost. Such a trip into outer space is going to cost about 70,000 Euros (some $92,000), so they are not exactly budget flights. KLM will probably also reward some of it’s most loyal frequent flyers with free or ‘discounted’ space trips, but if you are not among them, this is your chance to enter the competition and win a free space flight with KLM.

    Win a free ticket to space

    With this exciting contest started by the airline, you can win a ticket to space. KLM will launch a high-altitude balloon from the Nevada Desert in the US on the 22nd of April.

    View over Earth from a high-altitude balloon

    View from a high-altitude balloon ©Openspace Project/Flickr

    The balloon will battle all the forces of nature for some time. After being influenced by temperature, wind direction and strength, rain and clouds, it will reach its highest point, then pop. Now here starts the story of you winning a space ticket.

    How to win a space flight

    What you have to do to ‘claim your place in space’ – as the slogan of the contest says – is pretty simple. You will only need some of your science knowledge from school – or a physicist best friend – for calculations.

    You will have to give the best possible estimation of the height at which the balloon is going to pop and also its distance from the launching spot in the Nevada Desert.

    View over Earth from the outer space

    Earth from outer space ©DonkeyHotey/ Flickr

    Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? How bad would you like to go out there and feel the indescribable in the middle of the nothingness? Let us know in the comment section what would you love the most about a trip to outer space.

    KLM gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘Flying Dutchman‘, become a part of the ultimate adventure now!

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