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  • The future of medical tourism industry

    Patient visiting the doctor

    A visit at the doctor now ©jpalinsad360/Flickr

    In today’s developing world it is highly difficult to make accurate predictions about the future of one or another industry – medical tourism is not any different. And yet, there are certain signs and indicators that can give us some idea about what we can expect from this segment in the next decade.

    Technological development, medical/ hospital costs and immigration reform are three strong and important indicators of what the future of medical tourism will bring. This will not be a very detailed and exhaustive description of the future but it will, hopefully give an idea of what will happen in the industry in the years coming.

    Technology in medical tourism

    Since the invention of the computer, technology is revolutionizing all aspects of life, including health care industry. Doctors can be in touch with patients from a hundred miles away and can access their records from any distance. Doctors can consult with fellow doctors from the other end of the world and soon tech devices will make it possible for you to make a virtual visit to your doctor – without leaving your house.

    Patient visiting the doctor

    A visit at the doctor now ©jpalinsad360/Flickr

    This ease in communication will provide better care for the patient and, what is also significant, much more comfort and feeling of being in – more – good hands.

    Health care costs

    Hospital costs are growing year by year due to the consolidation of hospitals in the US, especially in areas where there is little competition. This growth will also lead to differences in prices for patients which will mean that many are going to choose lower quality care, travel to other cities, because it is more affordable.

    Examination at a hospital by the doctor

    Examination at a hospital

    But also, if facility costs are rising, less hospitals may survive and smaller competition may also lead to the decrease of quality and price differences. It is also possible that workers’ compensation carriers will look for lower costs and better quality for their clients.

    Immigration reform and medical tourism

    The demographics of the US is changing significantly, the best example for that is the constantly growing Latino community. Many of the members of this group are undocumented, but with a reform of the immigration law more who are now working semi-legally will have full access to health care.

    Also, Mexican-born US workers, as well as immigrants from the Caribbean and other parts of Latin America will be likely to travel to Mexico – or to the area – for more affordable and yet quality health care after they are officially settled in the US and entitled to higher wages. This will be, of course, highly favoring the future of medical tourism.

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