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  • The world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers

    Sydney Harbor Bridge, photo by Kevin Gibbons

    For some people, traveling is an opportunity to meet new people, see interesting places and discover cultures other than their own. For others, it’s not so much what they see, but how they see it. Adrenaline junkies can appreciate scenery just as well as any other person, but the if you’re hurtling towards the scenery at a dazzling speed, or rushing past it down a dangerous river, then the scenery is a hundred times better.

    If you prefer to churn out even the last drop of excitement out of every opportunity, then you will probably want to try some of the world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers.

    Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia

    Sydney Harbor Bridge, the gigantic steel arch curving over the harbor, connecting Sydney’s central business district with the North Shore, is the widest bridge in the world, and the fifth longest. The ‘Coathanger’ is a huge tourist attraction, with the South East Pilon housing cafes,  camera obscura and  museum, but thrill seekers will probably prefer to climb up the bridge rather than just look at it. BridgeClimb tours, operating since 1998, allow tourists to climb the southern half and upper arches of the bridge.

    Swimming with sharks, Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

    Zambezi, photo by Martijn Munneke on Flickr

    Cocos Island is a pretty little island, but its main appeal lies in the fact that it consistently attracts the largest schools of hammerheard sharks in the world.

    Scuba divers and crazy adventurers flock to the island in order to swim with scalloped hammerhead sharks, as well as manta rays, whitetip sharks, silvertip sharks and even the occasional whale sharks. Even if the sharks are more interested in the other fish living in the area, shark encounters can’t fail to pump up your adrenaline levels.

    Rafting on Zambezi River, Zambia/Zimbabwe

    Tens of thousands of people are attracted by the white water rafting fame of Zambezi River, and with good reason. Some portions of the river are too wild even for the most experienced rafters, and you can find more than enough Grade 5 rapids that are guaranteed to increase your pulse. One of them, called ‘Oblivion’, is said to have overturned more kayaks than any other rapid on the planet.

    Running with Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

    The famous bull run of Pamploma is the kind of experience that only the craziest adrenaline addicts attempt. For most people, simply watching the bulls run is enough excitement for the day. As long as you’re over 18, you can take part in the bull run, and race as fast as you can on the narrow streets of Pamplona in over to avoid being trampled (or worse) by the hordes of angry bulls.

    Riding the Big Shot, the Stratosphere Las Vegas, USA

    Bull Run, photo by Xavi Talleda on Flickr

    Stratosphere Las Vegas is the tallest tower in Las Vegas, and the tallest observation deck in the US. Just staring down from the observation deck is enough to make your stomach roll if you are scared of heights, but the ultimate crazy thrill that you can get at the tower is offered by the Big Shot, the highest thrill ride in the world.

    If the Big Shot is too much, then maybe you’d like to try the second and the third tallest thrill rides on the planet (Insanity and X-Scream).

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