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  • The world’s best destinations for street art

    Los Angeles street art, photo by Pranksky on Flickr

    Art is not found only in museums and galleries, but often in unexpected places as well. Many people, even travelers, often walk on a street without paying too much attention to what is around them, and unless an interesting sight is either very eye-catching or very large, you might pass it by without even realizing it’s there.

    Most cities and towns have some kind of street art to see, but some places have so much of it that simply walking around can be a full-blown artistic experience. Here are some of the world’s best destinations for street art, where you will surely find some gems even if you don’t look hard.

    Los Angeles, USA

    In a vibrant place like Los Angeles it’s not that difficult to spot some interesting pieces of street art in plain view. North La Brea Avenue’s stretch between Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard sports some very interesting artwork by one of the most famous street artists in the world, Bansky. Beverly Cinema, the gas station and other places in the area have street art by established artists and newcomers as well.

    Berlin, Germany

    Street art in Berlin, photo by Thomas Euler

    Most street art in Berlin is fairly recent, a couple of decades, that is. Berlin witnessed an explosion of street art after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and now neighborhoods like Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are a treasure trove of stencils and spray paintings.

    Not only Berlin-based artists have left their marks on the walls of Berlin, and you might recognize the style of some internationally famous artists as well.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    The largest city in Brazil is a great place for art in general, but mostly for street art, for which it is famous. Much of the street art you can see in Sao Paulo has political origins, but you don’t necessarily have to know about the political situation in order to enjoy the stencils and spray paintings. One street in particular, called Beco do Batman, has every-changing street art displays, with graffiti gracing every wall of the alley!

    Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne street art, photo by Mike Hauser on Flickr

    Melbourne is a maze of so called laneways, narrow alleys that are the perfect medium for street artists. Plus, the city has a generally good attitude towards street art, so artists from around the world have come to leave some of their work on the walls of Melbourne.

    Hosier Lane’s walls are always full of graffiti, and the nearby Caledonian Lane is another great place for artist and street art fans.

    Paris, France

    Some of the best street artists in the world hail from Paris, but their work is sometimes hard to find in the labyrinthine French capital. You can find website with pictures and addresses of great street art in Paris, but if you don’t trust your map navigating skills you can sign up for a street art walking tour and see the cream of the crop of Paris’s street art.

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