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  • The French Job

    French Riviera

    French Riviera ©Serge Melki/Flickr

    The below article is worth reading even if you will not participate in the amazing adventure opportunity it presents. When I first saw the below video, I instantly started to imagine myself on the French Riviera being a part of the team that intends to help Sébastien Murat achieve the world record of free diving…

    Check out the video and I’m sure you will also want to be recruited, let us know in the comment section which one of the team members would you like to become. The French Job is the opportunity of the lifetime, don’t miss it!

    What is The French Job about?


    They are looking for eight people for the team that will participate in the adventure – and in the meantime stay in a luxury villa on the French Riviera. What they need is five bloggers (one video blogger, an English, a German, a Russian and a Chinese blogger), one Personal Assistant and one Pool Boy to assist Sébastien ‘The Sub’ Murat in his attempt to dive 703 feet underwater – and achieve world record – with a special free diving technique, or rather keep the world updated about all that’s going on during the attempt.

    Sebastien Murat

    Sebastien Murat ©

    The main sponsor of the whole event running under the witty name ‘The French Job’ is Maurice Lacroix the world famous high class watch brand, so classyness and luxury are guaranteed!

    How to apply?

    Get one of the best jobs in the whole world now! What you have to do is register to The French Job, fill out a simple registration form for the ‘job’ you want to get, add  a picture then send in your audition video. Then all you need is get as many people as possible to vote for your video and you are immediately on your way to be hired to your dream job!

    French Riviera

    French Riviera ©Serge Melki/Flickr

    Yes, it is possible even for you! Just think about the advantages, you get a completely free luxury vacation on the French Riviera – in an amazing, huge villa and you get to meet a group of great people you will work with on the best job in the world.

    Also, Maurice Lacroix gives every crew member a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S diving watch – I searched it, it looks amazing and costs more than my salary for 2 months… So go for it, have the time and the job of your life!

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