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  • The Advantages of Solo Travel

    Many people never travel because they can’t find someone to go with them. That’s a real shame, because what they don’t know is that when you travel by yourself, you often open yourself up to the greatest adventures and opportunities that you might otherwise miss if you were traveling with a companion.

    In my travels, I have traveled with friends, family, significant others, and by myself and with no disrespect to any of the people I’ve traveled with, the best times on the road have been those times when I’ve been traveling solo.

    Traveling solo gives you the chance to find out about yourself, it opens up the door to creating new relationships, and quite often, it’s also cheaper because you end up making your own decision and since there is no one to insist on paying the entry fee to some attraction you have no interest in or who wants to eat in a four star restaurant despite your one star budget.

    Traveling solo has allowed me to meet people that have become important in my life and at the same time it has given me the space and freedom to discover who I really am. Sure, the conversation might lag when you are sitting alone in a Shanghai restaurant, but then again, if you are by yourself, you might be invited to the table of those Chinese businessmen drinking too much beer which could in turn lead to a wild night on the town.

    By traveling alone you have the ability to not only discover new places but also to discover new things about yourself along the way. You can fine tune your decision making abilities and make certain that you can take care of yourself, in the way that suits you best.

    You don’t need to worry about being lonely when you travel alone since strangers often find a solo traveler more approachable than a group or couple. Those who see you by yourself start to ask themselves questions about who you are, why you are there, and what it is you are going to do next. This often leads to conversations, which in turn leads to friendships.

    Traveling on your own gives you the chance to write, think, and simply meditate on the nature of your journey. Sure, conversation with a friend is great, but some of the best moments of my travel have taken place as I sat in a pub or lazed in a hammock thinking about the significance of where and who I am.

    It’s also my opinion, that solo travel gives you a sort of ageless quality. Not one person in a hundred guesses my age correctly and for the most part, they guess I am ten years or more younger than I really am. Solo travel is the fountain of youth.

    I admit it, there are times that I like to travel with others, but the truth I won’t tell them is that for me, the best travel has no set companions.

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