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  • 5 ways to travel for free around the world

    For many people passionate about traveling, a round the world trip, or even a regular longer trip will probably sound like a dream come true. But in addition to the various problems you have to take care of before embarking on a long trip (figuring out what to do with your job and other commitments), the financial aspect is also a big deal for most travelers.

    After all, living and traveling through who knows countries for months can take a huge toll on your savings, but luckily, there are ways to make your trip cheaper. You won’t be able to travel completely for free, but there are some travel arrangements that won’t cost you a penny. Here are 5 ways to travel for free around the world.


    Crashing on a stranger’s couch might sound a bit weird and off-putting for some travelers, but the truth is that couch surfing is getting more and more popular with backpackers and RTW travelers. The couchsurfing community is made up of people of all ages who are happy to offer you a couch for a couple of nights, and what you can do is repay the favor when some other traveler is in need of a free place to sleep.


    If you prefer to have a room or house of your own while traveling instead of a couch, you can get it almost for free if you are house-sitting for someone. There are loads of companies around that can set you up with someone who is also going on a vacation, so in exchange for taking care of their house and maybe pets, you can stay for free in their home. Some companies will ask for a fee, but that’s nothing compared to how much you save on accommodation.

    Work for room and board

    If you’re not picky about jobs and you want to stay in the same place for a while, you can work for room and maybe even board. This is not uncommon in hostels – you can ask the hostel manager or owner if there’s any chance of you doing a couple of hours of work per day in exchange for a bed and maybe even breakfast. These things are usually done under the table, but hey, you can stay as long as you want if you don’t mind working a couple of hours.


    Volunteering is probably the most fulfilling way to get a free holiday – you will have time to visit new place and meet new people while actually making a difference. There are many volunteering programmes that offer room and board for your help, and even if you don’t get any spending money, you swill have a place to live and the opportunity to meet other like minded people.

    Crew a cruise ship

    You want to explore the high seas, stop at exotic ports and drink rum all day long? You can do that (minus the rum drinking) if you get a job on a cruise ship. Some jobs require expertise in a certain area, but many don’t require any special skills.


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