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    Less than a year ago, the Tunisian revolution was making headlines all over the world, and although nowadays the situation has quieted down considerably, street protests still occur in the country. But despite the civil unrest, Tunisia is not off limits for tourists, quite the opposite – the newly democratic and dictatorless country is ripe for a new wave of travelers.

    The sand, sun and sea of Tunisia are enough of an incentive for most travelers, but if you’re still on the fence whether or not it’s a good idea to take a trip to this North African country, here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Tunisia.

    Explore the hometown of Hannibal

    Carthage, photo by isawnyu on Flickr

    Not Hannibal Lecter, but his namesake, the ancient king of Cathage who attacked Rome with a huge army and several elephants. The suburb of Cathage in the capital city of Tunis is full of ancient ruins, mostly Roman (the Romans sacked Carthage and turned it into the first Roman colony in North Africa). You can also see the lavish palace of Tunisia’s former dictator, but only on the outside.

    Visit one of the best preserved medinas in the Arab world

    Tunis’s medina, or old city, is one of the finest examples of historic Arab architecture you’ll see anywhere. The medina dates back to the 8th century and it is a World Heritage Site, but if these credentials are not enough, just consider the fact that you can leisurely get lost in a maze of narrow streets whose blindingly whitewashed buildings sport brightly painted doors. Don’t miss the Zitouna Mosque, the hear of the medina, which can be entered by non-Muslims as well.

    Relax in the sun on a beautiful beach

    beach in Sousse, photo by Tony Hisgett

    For decades, sun-loving Europeans have been escaping dreary weather of their homelands by traveling to the sun drenched beaches of Tunisia.

    Beach resorts such as Sousse or Monastir are still very popular because of their beautiful beaches, an in addition to that they also have considerable historical heritage which is well worth exploring.

    Do some ‘revolution tourism’

    Tourism officials in Tunisia are relying on the fact that the revolution will actually boost the country’s popularity as a tourist destinations. Many cafes, restaurants and venues that were closed during the protests are now opening their doors again, and plus, it might be interesting to visit the landmarks where the most important events of the revolution took place. A museum dedicated to the revolution is also in the works.

    Trek through the desert

    photo by Colin Mutchler on Flickr

    The desolate desert landscapes of Tunisia have a unique beauty, which can be experienced in several ways depending on your budget and tastes.

    If you don’t want to break the bank, you can sign up for a camelback desert tour and stay in tents, but if you want a short and luxurious trip you can ride the Lezard Rouge, a restored 1900’s train where you can sip cool drinks served by white-gloved waiters.

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    123travelman wrote on October 24, 2011:

    Well, now that they have had their first democratic elections, I guess it’s also safer to travel to Tunesia :)

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