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  • Top 5 foodie travel experience to have before you die

    Kuala Lumpur street food, photo by flydime on flickr

    Most people travel because they want to see interesting places, they like the feeling of being somewhere they’ve never been before, or because they want to experience things that they don’t get to do or see in their day to day life.

    And surprising you palate with unusual flavors if often a huge part of the travel experience for many tourists, especially those who consider themselves gourmets.

    Foodies sure love sights and attractions just like any other traveler, but they also actively search out the best (and sometimes the worst) of the world’s cuisines, authentic dishes spiced up with local cuisine-savvy that you can’t find in a neighborhood ethnic restaurant. If you’re a dedicated food-lover, then here are top 5 foodie travel experiences to have before you die.

    Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The mix of cultures, traditions and cuisines that you can find in Malaysia is truly unique. You can eat mouthwatering traditional Chinese and Indian dishes, sometimes with a Malaysian twist, but if you want to sink your teeth into dishes that you can’t really find anywhere else, try nasi lemak, or fatty rice.

    Hawker stalls around Kuala Lumpur sell this aromatic rice enriched with coconut milk and served with delicious toppings like spicy sambal sauce, anchovies, eggs or toasted peanuts.

    Asado grilled beef in Argentina

    Asado beef, photo by Joshua Blount on Flickr

    If you love beef, then you can’t possibly visit Buenos Aires without stuffing yourself with more beef than you’ve ever eaten in your life.

    Forget the cardboard stuff you get at home, and indulge in juicy, melt in your mouth asado beef, cooked on open fire. Traditional restaurants in Argentina always have this national dish on the menu.

    Street food in Hong Kong’s Temple Street

    Temple Street is famous for having some of the best pai dai dongs (open air food stalls) in Hong Kong, and as in many parts of the world, these delicacies are best consumed at night when the street is even more alive then during the day. English is not likely to be spoken widely on Temple Street, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know exactly what you’re eating in order to love it to bits.

    Wat and injera in Ethiopia

    Wat on injera, photo by stu_spivack on Flickr

    Ethiopia might be off the radar for many adventuring foodies, but when it comes to vegetarian dishes, Ethiopia is a foodie’s paradise. Wats arearomatic stews made in meaty or veggie versions, seasoned with local spices and served on injera, a delicious, spongy flatbread.

    Eat Boodog in Mongolia

    Mongolia is such a fascinating place with an unimaginable cultural richness, where the inhospitable natural environment only made the people all the more friendly and more ingenious.

    Mongolian cuisine has many highlights, but what any adventurer in the Mongolian plains should try is boodog, a whole goats which is cleaned and then cooked by filling its stomach with hot stones. Contrary to what it sounds like, boodog is delicious!

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