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  • Top 5 fast-food chains abroad

    Toast Box, Singapore, photo by Marco Ooi

    If you live in a country where fast-food is more often than not embodied by a greasy hamburger or perhaps a hot dog, fast-foods are probably not your eateries of choice when you are going abroad. If you can get a Big Mac at home, why bother going abroad to eat it?

    But in many countries, fast-food can have a completely different meaning, and the food you get at a fast-food in Russia or Thailand might take your taste buds completely by surprise. So whenever you are visiting a foreign country, don’t dismiss the local fast-food chains. especially if you are on a budget and you can’t self-cater. Here are the top 5 fast-food chains abroad to watch out for.

    Kaati Zone, India

    When you’re in India, it’s a pity not to taste the enticing street food, which is cheap and delicious. With such a competition, fast-food chains in India had no choice but come up with equally good value food. Kaati Zone, is one of the most popular chains in India, specializing in kaati rolls, fried flat bread stuffed with a variety of meaty or vegetarian fillings. Find their restaurants in Bangalore and other major cities.

    Teremok, Russia

    When in Russia, you just have to eat blini, those delicious little pancakes filled with all things good. Teremok has a lot of things on the menu, including porridge, soup and salads, but their best and most amazing dish is the freshly prepared blinis. The fillings range from regular meat to caviar and salmon roe – yes, that’s fast-food with caviar in Russia.

     Toast Box, Singapore

    Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, but this paradise doesn’t come cheap in most cases. Street food in Singapore is plentiful and delicious, but if it’s not your thing, you can eat (relatively) affordable food at the Toast Box, a newish fast-food specializing in kaya (coconut jam) toast with butter and boiled eggs, a common dish in Singaporean cafes.

    Steers, South Africa

    South Africa is a meat-loving country, and even though there are McDonald’s restaurants to be found, the most popular fast-food chain in the country seems to be Steers, which sells some obscenely large hamburgers packing seven ounces of beef. The almost 500 Steers restaurants in South Africa are pretty cozy and their fare is simple and hearty comfort food.

    Mr. Lee, China

    China’s Mr. Lee franchise has hundreds of locations all over the country, and it is a great choice for quick lunchtime bowls of noodle soups slurped standing at the counter. Mr. Lee’s food is cheap and the signature dish is a simple noodle soup that you can customize with a variety of ingredients and spices.

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