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  • The best hamburgers in the US

    When we’re talking about traditional American cuisine, you can hardly get more traditional than the hamburger. The delicious meat patty sandwiched between two slices of bread roll have a long history, but the first documented hamburger on an American menu is dating back to the first half of the 19th century.

    More than 150 years was enough to perfect the recipe, and nowadays the hamburger, in various flavors, shapes and sizes, can be found virtually everywhere in the US. But not two hamburgers are alike, and there’s more variety to this sandwich than what you can find at fast food chains. Here a short guide to the best hamburgers in the US.

    1. Sirloin Burger, Le Tub, Hollywood, FL

    Probably many a hamburger lover has passed by Le Tub without suspecting that this little diner serves some of the best burgers in the States. Meet the sirloin burger, a perfectly seared patty, seasoned to perfection (not too much, not too little, salt and pepper only), juicy on the inside but with a nice crunchy crust on the outside, sandwiched between the two halves of a fluffy kaiser roll with poppy seed topping.

    The old-school mood of the places, which has a jukebox and doesn’t accept credit cards, makes you feel like you’re back in the US of the old when hamburgers were still all the hype.

    2. Kobe Sliders, Barclay Prime, Philadelphia, PA

    The wonderful Kobe Sliders at Barclay Prime are not real sliders, not when it comes to the shape (they are round) nor the size. The Kobe sliders tower at three inches tall, and they are made of two ounces of premium Kobe beef enveloped in a buttery brioche, topped with a slice of juicy tomato and gruyere cheese. These burgers automatically come medium rare, but you wouldn’t want them any other way (just wait until you taste them).

    3. California Burger, Houston’s, Santa Monica, CA

    Houston’s is a chain restaurant, but don’t underestimate them. Their California Burger just might be the best burger you’ve eaten in your life. The roll is so soft and fluffy that it tastes almost like a brioche, the meat is coarsely ground and succulent, topped with melted Monterey Jack and mustard-honey dressing. The patty is complemented by the fresh flavors of arugula and avocado.

    4. Hamburger, Miller’s Bar, Dearborn, MI

    Miller’s Bar is not the kind of place where you go to admire the scenery. However, their hamburgers are simply phenomenal, and they will make it more than easy to ignore your gloomy surroundings. The burgers are made of ground round, which is not always the best meat for burgers seeing as it is not very flavorful, but Miller’s probably have a secret recipe that makes these burgers (no garnish, just plain patty and roll) delicious.

    5. Cheeseburger, White Manna , Hackensack, NJ

    White Manna looks like it hasn’t changed much since the 30s, and that’s just as well, because the burgers taste even better in the quaint atmosphere. The burgers at Manna are small, utterly delicious, and you won’t be able to stop yourself at eating only one. Ask for cheese and onion too, and you’ll be in hamburger heaven.

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    peter TgAvatar
    peter wrote on February 7, 2011:

    Yes, all the fancy Burger places are nice, but then I really like IN-N-Out burgers. It’s a fast food chain out of California and the burgers are awesome. Many of the classics are not on the menu, like the “Animal Style” or the “4 by 4″. The dressing is a killer and they use fresh potatoes and then really dry them off (in the past with a white towel).

    Anyhow, there are loads of them, and they are always awesome!

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