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  • A cinephile’s European holiday

    Colosseum in Rome

    Colosseum ©Jeremy Vandel/Flickr

    Cinephiles looking to explore the locations of their favorite films have an obvious treasure trove in America and Japan, but what about Europe?

    European cities feature frequently in high profile films, but usually as an anonymous substitute for American locations, leaving a cinematic ramble across Europe considerably harder to do.

    With that in mind, here are the best European locations to re-live some of the most iconic moments in European film history.

  • The French Job

    French Riviera

    French Riviera ©Serge Melki/Flickr

    The below article is worth reading even if you will not participate in the amazing adventure opportunity it presents. When I first saw the below video, I instantly started to imagine myself on the French Riviera being a part of the team that intends to help Sébastien Murat achieve the world record of free diving…

    Check out the video and I’m sure you will also want to be recruited, let us know in the comment section which one of the team members would you like to become. The French Job is the opportunity of the lifetime, don’t miss it!

  • The traveler’s guide to WWOOF-ing

    photo by Peter Blanchard on Flickr

    Traveling is no longer such a bug deal like a century ago, and even the most budget conscious traveler can find ways to visit some of the most faraway and wonderful places on the planet. Even traveling on a shoestring can be eco-conscious and sustain local conomies, but there are others ways to discover some of the most beautiful spots in the world without making a dent in your savings. WWOOF-ing, better known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, by no means a lazy holiday, but it is the kind of vacation that will allow you to gain insights into your host culture, into the ways of the land, and even teach you a thing or two. Here’s a traveler’s guide to WWOOF-ing, for those who are looking into novels ways of experiencing travel.

  • The weirdest food festivals in the world

    Waikiki Spam Jam, photo by madmarv00 on Flickr

    Food festivals are happy occasions when foodies from all over the world can give into their cravings and stuff themselves full of all sorts of delicious things. Although most food festivals cater for your stomach and taste buds, some food festivals can be a bit strange, and either make you choke with laughter or show you the ways in which food can be used for various unorthodox purposes. Celebrate the weird side of food, either by eating it or just laughing at it, while attending some of the weirdest food festivals in the world.

  • Adventure travel in Ukraine

    photo by thisisbossi on Flickr

    For many travelers, Ukraine is like a blank spot on the map, remembered for past disasters or political unrest. But for those who have visited it, Ukraine is a treasure trove of mystery, adventure, and most of all, culture. As a former Russian country, Ukraine has a fair number of cities brimming with chunky Soviet architecture, grandiose monuments, and gloomy grey forests of apartment blocks. But Ukraine also has incredible scenery that remained out of the grasp of mainstream tourism, with few facilities and hard to find – that is, Ukraine has the perfect setting for an adventure. With the country’s dramatic landscapes and many natural wonders, adventure travel in Ukraine is some of the best you could find anywhere.

  • The best hikes in South America

    Top of Mount Roraima, photo by Adalbertop on Flickr

    With about three hundred national parks of South America, the continent is bound to be a hiker’s paradise. Dramatic mountain landscapes, barren deserts, some of the coldest and the hottest places on earth, and mysterious forests that haven’t been entirely explored yet make the South American continent ripe for all manner of adventures in nature. Hardened hikers as well as travelers tackling a trek for the first time will find a corner to explore. Whether you prefer to brave the hurdles of weather and land, or if you like to walk at a leisurely place admiring the scenery without overexerting yourself, the best hikes in South America will not disappoint you.

  • The most fascinating greenhouses from around the world

    Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, photo by Luc Viatour on Flickr

    Just because an exotic plant native to some remote Pacific island could not possibly survive a temperate weather with its unavoidable cold rains and snows didn’t mean that enthusiastic botanists didn’t try their best to find ways to keep their hobbies alive. Greenhouses were already being built in the 13th century, but even the ancient Roman new a thing or two about growing plants in controlled spaces. Nowadays, you can find industrial sized greenhouses in many countries (Holland has some of the biggest greenhouses in the world), but it’s the greenhouses that were built for fun, style, or science that are really worth visiting. Here are some of the most fascinating greenhouses from around the world that make visit-worthy travel attractions.

  • The world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers

    Sydney Harbor Bridge, photo by Kevin Gibbons

    For some people, traveling is an opportunity to meet new people, see interesting places and discover cultures other than their own. For others, it’s not so much what they see, but how they see it. Adrenaline junkies can appreciate scenery just as well as any other person, but the if you’re hurtling towards the scenery at a dazzling speed, or rushing past it down a dangerous river, then the scenery is a hundred times better. If you prefer to churn out even the last drop of excitement out of every opportunity, then you will probably want to try some of the world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers.

  • Traveling with kids: the best toy museums in the world

    photo by Jenni Douglas on Flickr

    When traveling with kids, it’s always difficult to find attractions that won’t bore them to tears (literally sometimes), but without ruining the whole holiday for the adults. If you like wandering through dusty museum halls and looking at exhibits for hours, here’s a compromise that might placate your kids or other youngsters in your company: visit a toy museum. Toy museums come in many shapes and forms: some are formal affairs with delicate toys that have turned from kid’s amusements to historical relics, but other museums are just like a huge play room. In any case, if you want your eight year old former self, or your eight year old traveling companions to have some fun, visit some of the best toy museums in the world.

  • The best spring events in Asia

    Takayama Spring Festival, photo by Paul Robinson

    Spring is coming in Asia, and even if in some parts of this vast continent the season is not noticeable as in the northern areas, people everywhere celebrate it with festivals, dances and other events. Traveling through Asia this time of the year allows you to be part of these yearly rituals, and experience firsthand the culture of the country you’re visiting. Small events that few travelers find out about will be happening in towns, cities, villages, but a few of them are famous enough to draw people from all over the world. So if you find yourself in Asia in the next few months, here are some of the best spring events in Asia that you might want to attend.

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