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    Let’s face it! When planning a trip there are certain factors that highly influence the process of decision-making: you are either longing for an exotic destination that will surely provide you with fun filled-days and nights or you are simply eager to pack your things and leave your house, opening the door to an exciting adventure, regardless of the destination. But for the globetrotters that have the travel running through their veins, any spectacular, unique yet weird destination has to be seen and experienced to the last detail. Well, it is not only for the globetrotters that hotel managers have come with the idea of building unusual-shaped or strangely located hotels, but to pique every tourist’s hunger. Therefore, since we have previously counted some of the world’s most unusual museums, we try to keep the same tone by submitting a list that comprises a top of the most unusual hotels worldwide.

    Beckham Creek Cave Haven

    Located on the American continent and more precisely in the north of the Arkansas state, in the Buffalo National Country, this hotel is actually framed by the walls of a cave. Therefore, each room has its natural rocky ceiling and walls. Still, the modern time left its marks on this hotel and it is praised for the art kitchen, the central heating and relaxation areas dotted by pool tables. Briefly, provided you are looking for a rustic holiday, just book a room.

    Exploranter, Overland Hotel

    Here’s another proof the human ingenuity is boundless: Mr. Flavio who was sick and tired of the usual Brazilian tours and accommodations, took heart, bought a 25-ton Scania truck that he called Exploranter and put the basis to one of the weirdest hotels in the world. The hotel on wheels features a lounge, a modern kitchen and around 30-berth sleeping quarters. Moreover, it can take you to the most beautiful, hard-to-reach places in Brazil and the best part is that every morning it overlooks another spectacular view. Mr. Flavio inaugurated the hotel at a fair in Sao Polo and currently provides the tourists with various possibilities whenever booking a tour: horseback riding, exotic food, scuba diving, fishing, historical destinations, caving, not to mention rodeos. If you haven’t managed to arouse your interest so far, perhaps the rock-bottom price will: a night spent in the Exploranter along with an unexplored destination is worth around 60$.

    Ice Hotel

    Situated on the map of Sweden, in Jukkasjärvi, the Ice Hotel is at a four-hour car drive away from the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Made of crystal ice blocks collected from the Torne River, this hotel ranks as the largest hotel of ice and snow worldwide.  The Swedish created a world of ice that boasts with dozens of rooms, a reception hall and even a church. And catching a wink in an ice-shaped bed is also budget- friendly, with 172$ a night per person. Be aware though! It only welcomes the tourists from December to April and it melts away once the spring is in full swing.

    Capsule hotels

    Reportedly, there are several capsule hotels dotting the Japanese territory, but the first one was built by Kisho Kurokawa in Osaka. This type of hotel is definitely the most weird, eerie-inspiring hotel worldwide mainly because the “rooms” are in miniature, measuring 2 x 1 x 1.5 meters. Not only are they narrow, but the sleeping-room has the form of a modular plastic block. The limited space is compensated by the television cable, the wireless internet and by the restaurants and bars the hotels comprise. In spite of the fact that a night in such a room can turn into an interesting experience, if you’re a claustrophobic tourist we advise you not to step foot in such a hotel.

    The Luxor

    If you’re fascinated by the Egyptian pyramids, you have now the chance to sleep in a comfy, luxurious bed harbored by the 30-story, pyramid-shaped Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. And if you’re on tiptoe with curiosity on what the hotel houses apart from large rooms designed with an Egyptian theme, well, here’s all you need to know before venturing inside: it features a casino (after all, we’re in Vegas), a replica of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, being also the place where the Criss Angel illusion show takes place.

    All in all, this top is worth perusing mainly because it can provide you with the idea of an accommodation that can spice up your journey in no time. And for those of you who (by a miracle!) show no interest in a luxurious room, with Jacuzzi and all, there’s at least one possibility left in order to rejoice a fun-filled and unique holiday: a room in one of these unusual hotels! Just be bold!

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