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  • Top Most Unusual Restaurants Worldwide

    Tired of the same menu served at your favorite restaurant? Do you want to spice up your dining experience? If so, set up an easy escape to one of the cities that harbor the best and the most unusual restaurants in the world. Strange locations, crazy-themed decors, unique yet expressive outfits, exotic food, entertainment, these are just some of the ingredients that make a restaurant unusual and that act like a magnet both for the gourmands and the average tourists. So hold on to your hats as we start a virtual itinerary including the most unusual restaurants in the world!

    Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

    This restaurant, suggestively entitled is hosted by the Belgian capital Brussels and would top any list of the most unusual restaurants worldwide. The reason? Both the table and the clients’ seats are suspended 150 feet in the air with the help of a crane! Indeed, the view is spectacular and a dinner up in the air can turn into a soul-stirring, thrilling experience. The restaurant can cater for 22 guests and including the chef, the waiter and the entertainer who are seated right in the middle. If you decide to book a table here, you’ll definitely enjoy the ultimate culinary experience even though it comes with a hefty tag price!

    Dans Le Noir, France

    Paris is praised for its exquisite restaurants that have on the menu the oldest and the most flavored bottles of red wine. Still, the French capital is not only the ideal place for the romantic couples to dine out, but for the thrill-seekers as well. Therefore, if you’re after an unusual feast, head over to Dans Le Noir restaurant and you’ll have the possibility to have a tasty dinner in a complete dark atmosphere. More exactly, once you’ve stepped in, a waiter welcomes you, takes your order and you are invited to dine in a pitch dark room. The restaurant reveals many chefs’ credo that a meal is a delight when engages all your senses. Plus, the owners thought about your security and other unfortunate events as well and there are some infrared cameras that record everything.

    Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

    The Ithaa Restaurant in Maldives is much more than mouth-watering, fresh and exotic sea food. It is also the first fine restaurant built at 5 meters underwater with a capacity of 14 people which offers its guests the possibility to admire the coral reefs that surround them and to spot the frolic fish while savoring a tasty, top-notch meal. Given you could have both the high-quality food and the fantastic aquatic 270 degrees panorama view for around $300, we believe it’s a once in a lifetime experience that is worth every penny.

    Treehouse Restaurant, New Zeeland

    The Treehouse restaurant set up in Auckland in New Zeeland is yet another proof that human ingenuity is boundless. Featuring a spectacular treehouse-shaped architecture, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the ultimate and the most romantic dining experience. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and overlooking a verdant forest. Briefly, you could feast on the chef’s gourmet menu in the heart of the nature.

    Ninja Restaurant, New York

    When it comes to unusual dinning, the Japanese Ninja Restaurant in the City that Never Sleeps is quite difficult to beat. Aside from the food that will be a delight for your taste buds, the unique subterranean d├ęcor, history-inspired is overwhelming. Not to mention that the delicious food is brought to you by waiters that don Ninja-like, authentic costumes. Plus, you don’t even have to worry when the bill arrives since previous clients confess it’s quite affordable.

    All in all, the secret of a successful restaurant seems to be a mix of tasty food, entertainment and creativity, all in equal dosage.

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    all these places and more can be found on the Google map/directory of the unusual restaurants

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