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  • Top 5 underwater tourist attractions

    A century ago, a regular tourist could well expect to visit some strange lands, see some castles, towns, markets and maybe even museums, but the point is that all that you could see was most certainly located on dry land. Even now, we tend to think of tourist attractions as mostly above the ground, with the exceptions of some caves and grottoes.

    However, there is a world of tourist attractions under the oceans and seas, and nowadays you don’t need any special diving skills to see them. More than natural attractions, there are lots of man-made underwater sights that you can visit as well. If you fancy a dip to see some great places, here are the top 5 underwater tourist attractions in the world.

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    Baiheliang Underwater Museum, Chongqing Municipality, China

    Baiheliang Underwater Museum is the first underwater museum in China, opened in 2009 , built several dozen meters under the Yangtze River. The most prized exhibit of the museum, immersed under the water of the river and seen through windows, is the ancient Baiheliang stone tablet, a carved tablet used to measure the level of the river. The tablet is beautifully decorated with carvings of fish and Chinese characters.

    Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada Island

    The only underwater sculpture park in the world can be seen in the shallow waters surrounding the Caribbean island of Grenada. The park’s concept and statues are the work of sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor.

    The statues of people in various poses are covered in coral, and you see them either by scuba diving, or on a special glass bottomed boat.

    Belize Great Barrier Reef, Belize

    Undoubtedly, the most astounding underwater natural wonder of our age is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system composed of almost 3000 individual reefs, stretching over 2600 kilometers. Some of the most beautiful portions of the reef are located in Belize, which has become a true Mecca for snorkelers and scuba divers.

    Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

    If you ever wanted to sleep and eat underwater, you can do so at Jules Undersea Lodge, a research facility converted into an underwater hotel and named in the honor of French writer Jules Verne who wrote 20,000 leagues under the sea. The hotel is completely underwater, and you have to scuba dive 20 feet just to reach it.

    Bimini Road, Bahamas

    I you dive 20 feet beneath the surface in on the coast of North Bimini, you will see something unexpected: a paved road, or something that looks like it, laid out in orderly fashion on the sea bed. It’s not clear whether the ‘road’ is a natural coincidence, or indeed a road built by some ancient civilization, but what’s sure that seeing it is worth the dive.

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