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  • Top 5 travel attractions in Greenland

    Narsaq, photo by Claire Rowland on Flickr

    The largest island on Earth is also the least populated place on the planet, and one that is very little known in the world at large. Although it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland pretty much takes care of its own business internally, and it is well on its road to independence (which would cost Denmark 97% of its territory).

    For such a huge country, Greenland has a surprisingly low number of visitors, despite the fact that it isn’t nearly as inaccessible as it may seem. This gem of Inuit and Danish culture and stunning landscapes is an uncharted territory for many travelers who roamed around the world, and visiting it once will make you wish you had gone there earlier. Here are our picks for the top 5 travel attractions in Greenland.


    Nowhere else is Greenland more green than at Narsaq, a tiny coastal town surrounded by verdant plains at the heart of a fjord. The town’s history is thousands of years long, and there are several church and homestead ruins that have become local attractions. The area around Narsaq is a treasure trove of Norse artifacts and sites, but the town itself is a hotspot for tourists who come to enjoy the scenery, to dive, hike and watch whales.

    Ilulissat Icefjord

    Ilulissat Icefjord, photo by kaet44

    Ilulissat Kangerlua is probably the most visited sight in all of Greenland, and for good reason. This bay is fed by Sermeq Kujalleq, a huge glacier that flows 25 meters daily.

    The bay is punctured by glaciers the size of sky scrapers, glistening in the sun and making deafening thunder-like noises when they break. Save for Antarctica, there is no better place on earth to see huge blocks of ice in motion.

    Greenland National Museum, Nuuk

    Greenland’s culture and history is a mystery even for some seasoned travelers, so if you want to learn more about it then you will find a visit the the National Museum illuminating to say the least. Although the oldest rocks on the planet and displays on social change in the 20th century are quite interesting, nothing beats the weird medieval mummies in traditional clothes, found near Uummannaq.

    Block P, Nuuk

    Tasiilaq, photo by Antonio Bovino

    It’s enough to take a look at Block P to feel like you’ve seen one of the weirdest attractions in Greenland, despite the fact that the building is nothing but a housing block.

    But this five story building houses no less than 1% of the population of Greenland, and it is over 60 apartments long. You can’t decide right away whether Block P is thoroughly depressing or perhaps interesting, but if you want to see it in the best light, visit it only when the sun is shining.


    The small village of Tasiilaq is as pretty as a picture, and still sustained through hunting and fishing, much like ages ago. The colorful little houses of the village are scattered over several hills, so exploring the village on foot will feel more like hiking than promenading. There are a couple of hotels, shops and a small museum in town, and it is a perfect place to enjoy a bit of tranquility.

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