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  • Top 5 best reasons to visit Norway any time

    Sled pulled by dogs

    Sled pulled by dogs ©Travel Manitoba/Flickr

    I personally love Scandinavia and its peoples, so I could give countless reasons for why one should go there this instant, but as Norway is especially dear to my heart, I have collected my top 5 best reasons to visit Norway any time.

    If you also watch the below video by Norway’s Tourism Board, you can get some inspiration from the beautiful places you can see in the video – and the crazy people expressing their happiness in a very noisy manner…

    Northern Lights

    Yes, we have all heard about the lights and mentioning it might sound a little cliche-like, but it is NOT. The Aurora Borealis is magical! Just imagine yourself sitting next to a campfire somewhere far in the North and sipping some hot beverage waiting for the Lights to appear – and then you see it!

    Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis in Norway

    Northern Lights ©GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway/Flickr

    The oldest fireworks on earth will take your breath away as you see the night sky start dancing in green, red and purple. Plus you can listen to ancient tales linked to the phenomenon directly from the locals!

    Land of the Midnight Sun

    During the summer months (6 months in a year!) the sun is up for a really – I mean really – long time in most parts of the country. Up in the North, around the city of Hammerfest the sun does not go down all day, no night for months.

    With the more than beautiful landscape is it kind of like being in fairy tale land while you are there. It is an absolutely grand experience.

    The Viking legacy

    I admire Viking culture so much! They were fearless warriors, amazing story tellers, they got to America some 500 years before Colombus and – not least – they had, and of course have, beautiful men! 😉

    Modern vikings

    Modern Vikings ©taylor.a/Flickr

    There are loads of historical heritage sights, festivals and great museums where you can take a closer look at the culture and history of the poeple of the Gods of Asgard…

    The Fjords of Norway

    After the last Ice Age the glaciers started to melt down and in some places formed the amazing valleys that look like the letter ‘U’. This seawater filled wonder is what we call a fjord.

    Norway has got the most fjords in the whole world and when you visit them, you should definitely bring a camera and a large spoon. The first one to take pictures and the second one to collect your dropped jaw!

    Adventures in Norway

    Something I did not have the chance to try yet is going on a tour on the plains of Norway on a sled pulled by dogs or even raindeers. If you have the chance, do it!

    Sled pulled by dogs

    Sled pulled by dogs ©Travel Manitoba/Flickr

    You also have the opportunity to swim with killer whales on the Western coast of the country. The water is freaking cold, yes, but the experience…. you will never forget it. And these are only a few of the great adventures that await in Norway!

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