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  • The Dolomites of South Tyrol


    Rosengarten dolomites ©** Maurice **/Flickr

    The mountains of South Tyrol, the Dolomites, are the most beautiful feature of the whole region – at least that’s what I think. The mountains are 250 million years old and were formed from coral reefs.

    Watch the video about the region and learn more about the Dolomites of South Tyrol now so, maybe it will help you make up your mind about a vacation to Northern Italy!

    The Dolomites (and by the way the dolomite rock itself) was named after the French geologist who first studied the area, Deodat de Dolomieu. Before Dolomieu the mountains were known as the Pale Mountains.

    Things to know about the Dolomites

    Such a grand creation of nature naturally has an entire web of myths and legends around it. According to local tales there are supernatural creatures such as moon princesses, dwarf kings and more! One especially beautiful phenomenon are the Dolomites that glow in a crimson light during sunset – on their side that looks to the West.

    Although now the Dolomites belong to Italy, the mountains have seen their share of wars. The First World War had left many scars on the Dolomites, dugouts and tunnels can still be found in many places.

    View over the Dolomites

    View over the Dolomites ©m.prinke/Flickr

    Areas of the Dolomites

    The Latemar massif is the smallest group of the Dolomites, however it is well known not only among hikers but also for its famously perfect reflection in the nearby Karersee or Lago di Carezza.

    The Rosengarten massif near the city of Bolzano is – as the name suggests – the one with the above mentioned amazing crimson light at sunset. It must be pretty epic living in Bolzano and seeing it every evening…

    Rosengarten in the Dolomites

    Rosengarten dolomites ©** Maurice **/Flickr

    The unique structure and beauty of the Drei Zinnen Dolomite towers makes them a perfect destination for a hiking trail. As the name suggests (Drei Zinnen means three battlements), the towers are made of three independent rocks. The Sella massif is one of my favorites. It is a ski paradise in the winter and it becomes a wonderful trekking and walking destination for the summer. The view is stunning at every step.

    The Geisler Natural Reserve is also amazing, easy to recognize for its pinnacles. And last, but not least there are the high alpine pastures where transhumance (the livestock is sent to higher pastures for the summer) is still practiced. It is the largest Alpine pastureland in the whole Europe and according to the old tales, witches used to hold meetings here, at the rock formation called Hexenbanke (witches’ bench).

    Got your interest? Also check out the top reasons to visit South Tyrol – beside the Dolomites of course!

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