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  • The best Melanesian travel destinations

    Oceania, a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean dotted with countless islands, is a paradise for travelers looking for new experiences and places to see. Melanesia is only a small part of Melanesia, but it is filled with all sorts of wonders and exciting places.

    The islands that make up Melanesia have their similarities, but overall each of them have different sides to show to their visitors, but all of them are places that will make you want to prolong your trip indefinitely. So if you are planning a trip to the Oceanic islands, here are some of the best Melanesian travel destinations that you could visit.

    Maluku Islands

    photo by Eustaquio Santimano

    Although administratively part of Indonesia, for ages the Maluku islands have been considered as part of Melanesia. In the past, they were known as the Spice Islands, because they were the only places in the world where nutmeg, mace, cloves were grown.

    These narrow islands have plenty of  mountains, some of which are active volcanoes, and while the weather tends to be wet, there are more than enough sunny days for sightseeing. The rich vegetation and lovely scenery of the islands make it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

    D’Entrecasteaux Islands

    This group of islands off the coast of New Guinea are known for their horticultural achievements and their beautiful clay pottery. The islands are mountainous and covered in dense jungle, and most of the islanders live in picturesque fishing villages. If you are looking for a destination off the beaten track, you can’t do better than the D’Entrecasteaux Islands.

    New Caledonia

    Although New Caledonia is an overseas department of France, the indigenous culture of the islands is thriving. New Caledonia is mostly made up of sparsely populated atolls where there are amazing snorkeling and scuba diving places, hiking and walking trails, beaches and of course, French cuisine.

    Louisiade Archipelago

    This Papua New Guinean archipelago is a very peaceful destination, perfect for those who want a tropical paradise where they won’t be bothered by anyone, as the archipelago has some of the most isolated island communities in the world.

    The islands are surrounded by wonderful coral reefs, so scuba divers and snorkelers will have a lovely time in Louisiade.

    Torres Strait Islands

    photo by sbamueller

    Torres Strait Islands are divided between Australia and Papua New Guinea, but culturally speaking there is not much difference between them. The islands are a tropical paradise populated with friendly inhabitants who are eager to show off their fascinating culture, and full of amazing natural places.

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