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  • Hong Kong, The Coveted Wife

    The former British colony was left alone by China.

    Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong ©Ryan Li

    Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong ©Ryan Li/flickr

    If you watch the Hong Kong region at night, with its islands and gulfs, from the 554 meter high altitude Victoria Point, the view from there is undoubtedly exceptionally and catchy.

    The heliport from the skyscrapers being illuminated by projectors are outstanding. Also along the room lights from hotels, the building of the Bank of China, covered in light and easily recognized after the facade being split in immense squares and triangles.

    The lights from the boats that are sailing through the gulf, and also those from the seafront of Kowloon reflect beautifully in the port, and from a distance you can see the silhouettes of the mountains of Tai Mo Shan, Lion Rock, Diamond Hill, Man O Shan.  These can be seen from the tall skyscrapers of the city.

    After the Opium War, China was forced to cease the 236 islands and Kowloon district to Great Britain. An accord were made for 99 years starting from 1889. Most parts of the terrain was empty and uninhabited but the British were well aware of its importance for commercial development.

    The natural port with its deep water is called Fragrant Harbour from Hong Kongs islands. From there, constructions of deposits and wharves for goods began. This was the starting point of a financial success. In 1987  the British colony with the population of 7 million reunited with China, and it was one of the  most densely populated urban areas in the world, having 85 billion GDP.

    A typical crowded street © Luke Ma/flickr

    A typical crowded street © Luke Ma/flickr

    Conform its principle “a nation with two systems”, China left its wealth for the future 50 years a special status as a commerce zone, free with extensive auto administration. In fact, capitalism works untroubled in Hong Kong by giving hope and helping the poor to not starve.  The economy continues to flourish  and waves of tourists arrive to the airport.

    The Irresistible Exoticism

    Its not a bad idea for strangers to be guided by fate in the overcrowded and the overpopulated Kowloon. You may find yourself at its highly vibrant squares filled with many stores with many things being on sale. You may also try its local restaurants and eat different kinds of food like snake skin soup.

    A sweet pleasant smell attracts you to Wong Tai Sin temple where its protector, a Taoist saint may help the faithful in life. Every traditional Chinese pharmacy has tiger penis and rhinoceros horn, all being put on the shelves, being remedies against impotence.  Later on, you realize after all the horns and sirens that you have arrived to a square filled with pigeons.

    Despite its extremely developed infrastructure, the best way to explore and visit Hong Kong is by boats. The scene from the boats or ferryboats offers you a very spectacular view of skyscrapers, the gulf and mountains, making it simply an ideal way to explore. The lifestyle of Hong Kong is exceedingly diverse.

    Almost a hundred residences still follow the traditional way of life, while others can afford to pay even $17,000 rent per month for one of its luxurious apartments. When it comes to the Villas from the Victoria Point, they are very expensive.

    Idyllic and Magical

    Hong Kong is connected to the other islands with its ferryboats, so you can escape the noise of its crowded streets, going to Lamma Island, having about 8.500 locals who do not allow traffic with automobiles, however they have access to wonderful beaches.

    Trams of Hong Kong ©Luke Ma/flickr

    Trams of Hong Kong ©Luke Ma/flickr


    On the extreme southern point of the Kowloon peninsula, the fishing village of Lei Yu Mun kept its original note. At this place, everybody buys daily fish from well furnished markets and gives to one of its many restaurants to be cooked.

    Magic has its own place on the former colony. In front of a spiky cliff called Lovers Rock, couples put lotus flowers for the gods to bless their sentiments for one another. In diverse temples you may learn what holds your future by astrologists.  The biggest influence of magic is that of the Taoist experts using Feng Shui, without their advise not a single faithful Chinese would buy a land or build a house.

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