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  • Bangalore is a Travel Budget Heaven

    For those looking for a rich historical and cultural experience, the city of Bangalore in India is a sure fire bet. Bangalore is a well known, international city filled with incredible cultural sites, tons of budget accommodation options, and a night life that travelers rarely find in a destination that costs so little. In addition, because of the many students who attend the Indian Institute of Management, this is a fun, educated, and hip destination for any budget traveler.

    Palace in BangaloreWhen going to Bangalore, expect to visit a lot of incredible gardens and parks. These have little to no entrance fees and are filled with culturally important old monuments. Bangalore is probably not at all what first time visitors to India expect to find as it is a thoroughly modern city with options for luxury hotels, five star dining, and no shortage of well developed tourist attractions.

    For those who like to have tour packages, you will be able to book these either on line or once you arrive. In addition, though the taxis and public transportation are dirt cheap, you can also rent comfortable, modern cars with very little hassle. Parking can be a problem in Bangalore, so make sure that you arrange to have a place to park your vehicle before you show up to a hostel or guest house!

    Bangalore is called the Garden City and this is one of the reasons why it can be such a budget friendly place to visit. The gardens are magnificent with huge varieties of flowers, trees, and other vegetation. The city is also called the Pink City because of the favorite color for painting houses for residents. As a place to take pictures, you will be hard pressed to fill your viewfinder with more beautiful landscapes.

    Whether you want to see amazing temples like the Bull Temple or to visit gorgeous mosques or Christian churches such as St. Mary’s Church, the admission is free as long as you are respectful of the traditions and practices of those inside. Bangalore is also the home to many festivals, for example each November and December the Groundnut Festival takes place outside the Bull Temple. Once again, attendance is free.

    Bangalore is filled with museums that are dedicated to everything from ancient history to modern art and if you want to spend two or three days browsing through galleries, you won’t find yourself wishing there were more to see. The Cubbon Museum is one of the oldest in all of India and has an amazing collection for those who take the time to experience it.

    While you are in Bangalore, make sure you take the time to visit the Bangalore Palace and marvel over the Tudor architecture. Visit the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens which have over one thousand different species on 240 acres. And, for those interested in a free day with food and entertainment, pay a visit to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. You’ll find the people very nice and they won’t force you to dance or chant Hari Krishna.

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