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  • Amazing road trips in Hawaii

    Hawaii is mainly known as an island paradise, complete with tropical weather, sandy beaches, great water for swimming and watersports, hula dancing and lei garlands. And although it would take a long time to get bored of these delights, there’s another side to Hawaii which is perhaps not quite as overrun with travelers, but amazing nonetheless.

    If you pass the beaches and tourist resorts and goo deeper inland, Hawaii is revealed to be a paradise for nature lovers, not only beach goers. The Big Island, especially has national parks, macadamia plantations and ranches connected to each other through roads (often saddle roads), so there are lots of opportunities for road trips. Explore the island, and take a few amazing road trips in Hawaii.

    Haleakala National Park scenic drive, Maui

    Haleakala, or the House of the Sun, is a massive shield volcano which covers almost two thirds of Maui island. The national park surrounding the volcano is a wild and peaceful place with varied geography: depressions, valleys and pools, with unique vegetation. You can tour the park by car, and even get very close to the summit and admire the amazing vistas.

    Volcanoes National Park Scenic Drive, the Big Island

    This park is probably one of the most active volcanic areas in the world, but no worries, since there is little danger of explosions and unexpected bursts of lava. Because the lava spouted by these volcanoes is the gently flowing king, accumulating slowly in calderas, the park is sometimes nicknamed as drive-in volcano, because you can get the chance to sit in your car and watch a volcano erupt (but most likely, you will only see steam rising).

    Oahu North Shore Scenic Drive, Oahu

    The northern shore of Oahu island is a great place for a long, picturesque drive. You can drive along the coast of the island, starting at Turtle Bay and continue your way northward until you reach the northwestern tip of the island.

    This region is famous for its great surfing spots, so you will most definitely see some impressive waves, coastal scenery and distant mountains.

    Big Island road trip

    The best way to see the nicest places on the Big Island is to drive around it! This island has one of the most varied landscapes in all of the US, and you’ll get to see everything from lava scenery to fertile farmlands and thick forests. You can start in Kailua-Kona, head to Kona coffee country, cross the lava fields and finish your journey in Hilo.



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