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  • Amazing Earth – Pamukkale – Turkey

    While one of our blog’s focuses has always been the presentation of fun, interesting places we visited or hidden traveling gems we stumbled upon, we usually bunched them up together to form easily-digested lists and tops.  This has an obvious advantage to the casual reader but we feel we’ve been doing these amazing places a slight disfavor by cutting them short so as to fit in a list.

    So we’ve decided it’s time to give more credit to the uniqueness and beauty of some of Earth’s most impressive places with the help of a new series of articles called “Amazing Earth”. And what better way to fire up your appetite for this sort of locations than the godly sights offered by Turkey’s Pamukkale.

    Dubbed the “cotton castle” based on a loose translation of its name, Pamukkale seems to be a traveler’s paradise. It really offers everything you could want from a touristic attraction: it has gorgeous, breathtaking sights of its travertine terraces combed and chiseled for millenia by the 17 hot water springs in the area; the area has been transformed into a touristic paradise by the local authorities and to top it off the ancient Roman-built city of Hierapolis sovereigns the area from atop the natural pyramid of the terraces.

    So really, you can’t go wrong with Pamukkale – if you’re a history buff you’re going to appreciate the vestiges of Hierapolis and can glee in the richness of the recently-built Hierapolis Archeology Museum. If you’re a sight-hunter and photographer you’ve got a gold mine at the tip of your snapshot finger and if you’re lucky with the weather you can take some truly breathtaking sunset shots of the terraces.

    Even if you’re in the area for a quick relaxing break the local amenities of nearby towns offer everything a tourist could need.And as you sit in awe facing this natural wonder of the World, you cannot help think that you’re just one of the millions of people whom across the last thousands of years have been contemplating on how nature could have devised something so beautiful with as little as the elements and time. And you thank God you have eyes.

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