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  • 5 of World’s Scariest Amusement Parks & Rides

    In such a dynamic and competitive business as the amusement park industry, it is hard to come up with something do daring and groundbreaking that it can determine even the most experienced adrenaline addict scream with excitement.

    When you get to think about the mere fact that people would pay just to get sacred, you realize that the human race is, if not insane, than at least extravagant. This is the main reason why today we decided to present you some of the world’s most extreme, and scary, amusement parks, together with their most feared rides.

  • Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Crisis – How to Lend a Helping Hand

    We’re going to take a break from travel planning and amazing sights in today’s blog post, in order to bring up a sensitive subject that we’re hoping you will have the patience to take note of and act out by lending a helping hand.



  • Amazing Earth: Galapagos Islands

    Imagine a place so wild and challenging that it could change one’s vision of life…With their unique and diversified wildlife, the Galapagos Islands were the last and most convincing proof that lead to Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theory about the Origin of Species.

    Darwin’s voyage aboard the Beagle took place in 1835, and as his theory began to gain recognition, the Galapagos archipelago came to represent every naturalist’s dream.

  • Amazing Earth: Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia

    It’s about time we kept our promise to present you some of the most amazing destinations around the world and continue with a second episode from out brand new series called “Amazing Earth”. Therefore, today we will tell you a few words about Bali, a picturesque little island in the Indian Ocean that is officially considered as the pearl of Indonesian archipelago.

    Its pleasant equatorial climate, volcanic ridges and rich coral reefs make Bali and all year round touristic destination. The island is particularly appealing thanks to its carefully preserved traditions, including hand-crafted silver and gold jewelries, complicated religious rituals and the famous ritual dances. And thanks to the Bali’s increasing popularity, the island is now ready to accommodate and satisfy the most various tastes – while its waters and luxuriant woods represent the thrill of any adventurer, the numerous world class hotels and spas guarantee a total relaxation.

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