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Win an iPod®, a Samsung Digital Camera or a Coby® Digital Photo Frame on

Dear traveler,

We are looking to reward people that are willing to share their experiences and help others find their perfect vacation.
In the month of July we would like to reward our most active members. Here are the prizes:
iPod Nano1st place:
Apple® 8GB iPod® nano
Sleek and colorful with a curved aluminum and glass design. Enjoy music, movies, TV shows, and more on a 2" display...
Digital Camera2nd place:
Samsung 10.2-Megapixel Digital Camera
Take anywhere camera features 10.2-megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD monitor, face detection, up to 1,000 ISO, and digital image stabilization...
Digital Photo Frame3rd place:
Coby® 7" Digital Photo Frame
Beautiful frame displays all your favorite family photos from your digital camera memory card. Features still frame or slide show functionality, integrated stereo speakers, and multiformat memory card slot...

What you need to do:

- add a simple travel tip (3 points)
- add a detailed, complete travel tip (5 points)
- send your travel tips' links to your friends to earn points if they vote on them (1 point or 10 points)
- ask your community friends to vote your travel tips (3 points)
- comment other's travel tips (1 point)

- any content created or manipulated for the sole purpose of gaining more points will be considered spam as well.
- gallery splitting in order to receive more points is considered spam (Splitting one gallery into many galleries)
- a maximum of 100 points can be earned per day!
- you cannot post offensive or sexual content
- copying other people's content whether from Travelgrove or another site on the Internet is not allowed
- you will only receive points for content that you have posted once, if you delete the content you will also lose the points for it, so there is no double-counting

Check contest statistics here

Let's play fair, we do not want to start deleting accounts and this should be fun for everybody!

More Terms & Conditions

Next lottery drawing: the 30th of November.
Participants must be in the US or Canada.
Participants must enter valid contact details - Travelgrove will only try to contact the winner twice via email but will choose another winner if the winner does not respond within a one week period.
Participants shall upload a profile picture.
Travelgrove will choose the winner at the end of the respective month and will then announce the winner here.
Any person trying to do multiple sign-ups will automatically be disqualified from the lottery.

Additional information:

Apple® 8GB iPod® Nano contest by

Terms & conditions may change without notice.
For questions please contact one of our community moderators. Thanks.
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